this was live but i believe he was an online player, so u may guess the program

star681star681 Red Chipper Posts: 399 ✭✭
about 2 years ago, i was playing a very very good oponet and changed to as much gto style(yes not a style) but my best version of it. he was that good. anyway, i had (i dont remeber the rest) k10o, he had k9s,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I forget the board but it had a paired AA on it, we get to river he chks I bet 1.7 pot(overbet) he tanks and calls with k high, i when because of kicker, he says im ussally good their and say a percentage like 70% of time. i found his call amazing, i told him hey i won the pot this time, but you won the hand. i always wondered what program he was using?


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    Lol that happens to me more times than I would like calling with KJ high when my opponent was bluffing with KQ high or AT high vs AJ high--right reads turns out he was bluffing w the best hand... Some lines just dont make sense if flop or turn checks through and the board is paired or pairs OTT or OTR and the # of hands that you could logically bet is drastically reduced especially if there was a draw present and villain didn't bet on a street or a draw misses and villain bets river...

    i.e. obviously, you must account for player types here but...
    Hero is CO with KQs. Raise 3bb you call on button. Flop is Ac8h9h. Hero bets 4bb. You call. Turn is 2c. Checks through. River is 5d.
    Hero checks and you bet 10bb. I know you don't have an A, 9, 2pair or better since I checked to you and you didnt bet the turn for protection from overcards once I let you know that I don't have an A or the multiple draws out there, and KK-TT 3bets me preflop, and I doubt you bet 66 77 or an 8 there as you have showdown value and often win while no worst hands could call so you either have 3 5's or you have nada... we call and you show QTo

    The best/worst call I made with nothing depending on your viewpoint was J8 high vs a loose player who 3bet pre a lot with SC and SG ...on AKQ5A runout check down to river and he bet the A... I sd well I'm beating everything but a pair... villain had 76o and that tilted him!
  • star681star681 Red Chipper Posts: 399 ✭✭
    lol. nice call.
    when he said the precentage,,, it was like he trains daily on a program, what program do u think he used. excluding flipzilla.....
    . or I guess ur saying he thought it thru in his head, which is quite possible.

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