Went for a check raise then this happened...

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1-2-3 late Thursday night

V1 in HJ young English fellow who is getting curious of my play as I check raised him once where i limp called preflop 3 ways and check raised all in on 6s7cJs board. Flop was l like $65 and he cbet around $45-$50 i shoved for like $230. Didn't show.

Hero: Couple hands later btn iso to $17 and i 3bet in sb to $55 and everyone folded. Couple hands after that i over limped in thr CO 7 ways to the flop. Js5s3c hj bet $25 i raised to $75 hj calls $50. Turn (175ish) 5h he checks i jam $250 and villain folds. Hero chipping up kinda quickly with aggression and hasn't showed down a single hand. If anyone is curious about these plays i can post on another thread lmk.

V2 on btn very loose player preflop. Played with him yesterday where he never bluffed postflop..today has been mixing it up where i seem him 3 barrel a gut shot to be snapped off by 2nd pair. Vs a raise his range is most suited K2s+ J8s+ broadways A2o+ pretty wide. Idk his 3bet call range as history is short and there are not a lot of 3 bets low stakes.

Ep limps
Hero ($415) :As :Ad calls 3
V1 Hj raises to $22
V2 btn calls $22
Ep folds
Hero Mp raises to $85

V1 tanks "limp 4 bet?" Calls $63

*recreational player who thinks the size of the raise means 3bet or 4bet if i would of made it $100 im sure he would of said "limp 5 bet?" LoL.

Btn quickly calls $63

Flop ($263) :Jc :9c :7s
Hero ($330) checks
Hj ($300) checks
Btn all in $325
Hero ?

At this point i figure its pretty close given he has 77,99, J9s, 97s, 88, TT, J10s, QTs, KTs, bunch of flush draws in his range and i don't have any blockers.

V1 seems some what interested but hes not the type to slow play. I put him on a pocket preflop or suited Broadway but small sample against him.

In the end i figure im calling $300ish to win around $550 and figure my equity is around 50-55% heads up and called.
did you really think i was going to post a spoiler and get bias opinions ;-)


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