The Portable Fitness Chef, Ryan Schnabel

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Interview with RCer, S4Y acolyte, and trainer Ryan S:


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    He's 40???!!! I would have lost some money betting on that!
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    Ryans the nuts when looking to improve ure health and fitness in correlation with improving ure poker game
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    Greeting and salutations to everyone.

    I just wanted to drop in and introduce myself to those who don't know me.

    Some of you may know me as RyanTheLion aka Ryan Scarf aka Ryan Scarf Beard.

    I've been a student of under the Solve For Why for umbrella for slightly over a year. I attended the Solve For Why Academy in December of 2016. Since that time I've attended every Solve For Why webinar (I may have missed one) and taken additional course work. My time is spending grinding 1/2 and 2/5 NL cash games and firing off the occasional donkament here and there. I'll be in Vegas all summer for WSOP.

    That's a slight peek into my the past 2 years of poker for me - my poker history is far too complex to go into here - but it goes back nearly 20 years. The point here is that I'm serious about poker.

    If you want to hear a little of my poker backstory you can do that here on the RCP podcast.

    For the past 20 years I've also been heavily involved in health and fitness.

    Ever since I attended The S4Y Academy I've had a fire lit under my ass. I was inspired to take everything to the next level. I decided to fully commit myself to the BUSINESS of becoming a better poker player.

    I jumped down one of the many rabbit holes given my previous experience - in this case Health/Fitness/Diet/Nutrition. I began to approach poker from a much larger scale and a long term perspective. I wanted to increase things like my absolute focus at the table, duration of focus, memory recall and memory formation, amongst many, many other things. I've been able to implement many changes OFF the felt in my life that have raised my performance at the table as well as dramatically increasing the quality of my life.

    A few of the guys here know me so they can speak to my expertise and they might even be able to tell you that I've helped them in some way, form, or fashion.

    Why am I telling you this?

    I decided it was time to share the knowledge that I've gained with others.

    Initially I'll offer a free 10 minute consultation to those who think they might be interested.

    I think from that point both parties will have a good idea if there is a fit. If so we'll move forward with an initial consultation. I'll send you a questionnaire and then we'll chat regarding your answers. I'll suggest opportunities for improvement and provide you with a electronic document. I'll try to give you the lowest bearing fruit - in other words I'll try to give you the most efficient immediate small changes that you can make.

    From that point on I'll be available on a hourly basis for consultation on anything that you might want to talk about.

    If anyone would like to see my results (diet/nutrition/exercise) the best avenue to do that would most likely be my Instagram: @thelionryan

    I've also got a YouTube channel (RyanTheLion Fitness) that I'll be continuing to update and I'm pretty active on Twitter as well (@RJSchnabel).

    Feel free to fire any questions off regarding what I've spoke about here.

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    Ryans the nuts when looking to improve ure health and fitness in correlation with improving ure poker game

    Thanks Fausto!

    I'm exciting to be able to help more people on a larger scale.


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