Refinements quiz ?

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I think it was the last question on the quiz where we are deciding which hand fairs best on a back door draw. How do we go about solving fo this? I used Flopzilla and equilab , but I’m still confused.
Also, it would be super helpful if we could return to the review test results whenever we want. Having to take the test again every time is no bueno.


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    When I wrote this, it was more of a qualitative question than a quantitative one. Go with logic rather than running numbers.

    We are using a plug-in for quizes. If you think retaking them is a pain, try editing them, lol
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  • WickedWicked Red Chipper Posts: 61 ✭✭
    I think you guys are killing it with Core! I’ve learned so much already and feel like I’m on my way to becoming a poker player. Thank you! Just added a few “ it would be nice if’s “. Moved on in the lessons and have figured out the answer to this question.
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    I think one of the questions on the Refinements quiz is misleading. If one expects their Turn shove to be good when-called, only by hitting the flush, then F% is the only thing that person is hoping to have as high a percentage as possible. We don't "want" the flush draw to be worth more than a flushdraw (Call Win%). Nothing is going to increase the likihood of a flushdraw coming in.

    Now you can say, "well what that means, is hopefully his 9 outs are all clean, and who knows, maybe the Axs A-pair-outs are unexpectedly good too.", but if we keep the question simple and consistent with itself, then a shove that is being expected to win when-called, only when flush draw comes in(and that it does win when comes in is implied, I believe), is not "wanting" a high Call-Win%, but rather Fold equity, since THAT is the variable element that can bring the play above a losing EV.

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