KQ Fold Pre flop - was I too tight?

ZigiZigi Red Chipper Posts: 20 ✭✭
Hi guys, i'll be glad to hear you'r opinion on a hand I played recently.
8 players, home cash game 0.5 / 1 $ with effective stack of roughly 225$ in this hand.
the table is Lag-ish, players like to gamble, pre flop raises are very common up to 6-7X, but you'll get called a lot with 11-15X as well.

Hero UTG with KQo, decides to open limp under those considerations: 1. I assume i will get raised along the way, and willing to deal with this situation with two options standing: re-raising (depending on the opponent) or calling (depending on the opponent/s and raise size.
2. since i will tend to limp - re raise with very strong combos from UTG (AA, KK) i want to balance my range of play with this type of hand.
3. if i see a flop that cheep, i will most likely know where i stand after it comes.

so couple of more callers, then a raise from the BUT to 11X. so far according to my plan. then, the SB re raises to 35X, BB folds and I decide to fold as well.
my thoughts went like this:
0. I'm out of position.
1. against such a high re raise i am likely behind, i assume a range of JJ+ AK, and even without any equilab sort of tool, i have at best roughly 30% equity, and most likely blocked on top of that.
2. the SPR is getting thinner, the pot will be at least 85$, while my stake is roughly around 240$ (the BUT have a bit less) , which mean 1:3 , and that's without anyone else behind me calling. KQo isnt strong enough on those circumstances, well at least thats what i think.
3. there is some Implied odds that comes from player left to play behind me, 50% at least one of them will call so that gives me another incentive to play, but if that scenario happens I need to hit the board in order to get some money out of this pot.

so therefore I fold. the BUT calls and they go heads up, to a dreamy 9TJ rainbow board.
the But won the hand with a (ridiculous) 78s, while the SB (35X re raiser) had QQ.

Indeed it was very frustrating to see, but i do think i made the right decision. i'll be glad to hear you'r thoughts on this hands, was my thinking correct? did i miss anything?


  • AustinAustin Red Chipper Posts: 5,483 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Correct fold. I would open $5 pre or fold if your worried about facing aggression. Don't be result oriented

    Hero calls $1
    Couple limpers
    Btn raises to $11
    Sb 3 bets to $35
    Snap fold.

    Don't worry about what happened postflop. What are your odds of flopping a straight? Btn can also 4 bet since action wasn't closed. No point in calling off $35 of your $225 stack to flop a straight. Stick to your plan of trying to see a cheap flop.

    Some casinos ill muck KQo from utg when there is a lot of 3 betting. AJo as well. This is a home game so im gonna give some action of course and open a wide range, probably around 20-25% of hands from EP. But im not going super crazy and giving away money.
  • RedRed Red Chipper Posts: 2,353 ✭✭✭✭
    @Dor Z : for what I read, is seem to be a very coherent fold. Your analysis seems solid. Great job!

    Also don't forget one thing : on a lag-ish home game table, all players don't raise with the same range. Some play tighter than others, some are true maniacs. You should - maybe you did without writing it down - have a profile of your Villains and be able to guess their raising range. Using a specific Villain's profile to estimate a range instead of the general dynamic of a table helps you having a better educated guess of your equity and taking the best decisions

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