Merged betting \ polarized merged betting

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Whats the definition of merged betting?

I look at it as expanding your value range doesn't matter if its small sizing or large sizing but betting with hands for value in situations that you would usually check.

Then there is polarized merged betting.

Taking a polarizing sizing such as a PSB or over bet with a value hand that is not nutted. Something like TP weak kicker or 2nd pair type hand.

Not sure if im just making up actual poker terminology or if im stating it correctly.

There was a brief discussion on latb where they said the sizing matters.... I don't think it matters as a "merged bet." Cause you can bet 1/10th pot with bottom pair on a 4 liner for value trying to be called by ace high and still be merged bet, correct?

These are my opinions or thinking on it. Hopefully someone like @persuadeo can clarify.


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