AJo in live tournament OOP (hemorrhaging precious chips)

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This is a more general question. I have noticed a trend that I am creating a bad situation for myself in the mid to mid-late stages of live daily tournaments. In MP, AJo is in my opening range (toward the bottom of my range). My standard raise is 3BB + Limped Money. My issue comes at this mid-stage where average stacks are about 30BB (antes in play) and I am sitting somewhere around the average. Multiple times in the past several months I have done my standard play here and found myself OOP in either heads up or 3 way pots. I continuation bet probably 70% heads up and 50% MW (generally check if it is a very coordinated board even if I hit in both situations) with my entire opening range from MP. My standard bet is always somewhere between 2/3 and full pot; thus, I do not want to give away any sizing tells when I am "nervous" about my spot. I tend to think I have range advantage over the late position caller(s). Generally the line that has been problematic is flop comes A-x-x (uncoordinated). I C-bet then I get 1 caller (I take foot off gas in MW pots when I have air or marginal made hand; continue with nutish hands and draws). Turn comes brick. I bet, call. River comes brick, I bet and villian calls and shows up with AQ or AK. I leave myself in a spot with ~10BB and in shove/fold territory with bubble considerations coming in the near future. In this game there are a lot of Axs I put in these players range but maybe I am assigning them too liberal a call range from LP. I am almost always folding AJo to a 3 bet unless I am closing the action against a short stack and even then I am folding a decent amount. I am fairly aggressive in heads up pots so a perceptive opponent would find my play very weak if I check the turn/river hoping for check-check and could potentially be victim to someone trying to steal. I 3 barrel missed draws and nut hands the same heads up. I also find checking on the flop and turning top pair into a "bluff catcher" by check-calling down to be a weak line.

Any input would be nice. I am not sure if I am opening too wide in this position at these stages in the tournament or I am just having a cognitive bias by remembering the hands that I lost as opposed to the uncontested pots where I am winning antes + blinds or winning heads up pots without much fight.

Appreciate your help all.


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    Once stacks get more shallow(~30bb), I reduce my opening raise size. 3+x is putting in .10+ of your stack. I would min raise or perhaps 2.25x at most. Smaller sizing preflop reduces size of pot on future streets. You can get 30 BB in the middle across the 3 remaining streets if you want to do so.

    I would also reduce my C bet frequency at shallower stack depths OOP. Bet for value, not as simply "i opened, i should c bet". Check calling, check folding, and check raising are all fine options depending on board texture and how it connects with your hand and how it is perceived to connect with villain(s) hand(s). Try to balance your range so that observant villains can not immediately accurately range your hand given your action. And... check calling with top pair OOP is not necessarily weak, it lets villains know that you can show up with a decent top pair type hand after checking flop, it protects your drawing range, and brings check raising into the equation.

    And, I would reduce my bet sizing post flop unless I wanted to bring stacks into play. Try sizes from 1/3 to 2/3 instead of 2/3 to full pot. Reduced sizing widens the villains' calling range, so that they can also call with hands you are ahead of instead of mostly hands you are way behind or drawing against.

    IMO these changes will allow you to play smaller pots that will preserve your stack when you are forced to cede the pot. You can always play a bigger pot and get all in at these stack depths if the hand merits doing so.

    Hope this helps, good luck!
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    ChipFlux this is very helpful information! I like the tips and I think it will help my performance in these fast paced daily tournaments. I think my deeper stack play >100bb is pretty good. I generally make it close to the money unless there is a cooler situation in the early stages. The wheels fall off in these stages with shallower stacks because I don't have a ton of experience (most my play time is 100bb+ cash game) and I am overly aggressive in pots I open.

    Thanks again! Appreciate your time and value insight.

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