Hand 2 of 3: Is AK strong enough here to c-bet?

LeMonshadeLeMonshade Red Chipper Posts: 19 ✭✭
So, hand 2 from last night. Full ring, but 3 sat out.

V1: 61BB. Is the same V1 from my previous post - half an hour on they've calmed down a bit, VPIP is now around 40% and PFR around 30%.
V2: 85BB. Has recently been moved to our table, haven't seen too much action from them yet but seems fairly tight, bets conservatively, no 3 bets yet.
Hero: 77BB

Hero, UTG+1: :KC::AD:
Action folded to me, I raise 3BB.
UTG+2 folds
V1, LJ calls
HJ folds
CO folds
BTN folds
V2, SB calls
BB folds

Flop: :JD::JS::JC:
Pot: 10BB

V2, SB: Checks
Hero, UTG+1: Hmm. Likely hands which beat me are JhTx+, Jh9h+, 66+. V2 will have an even smaller winning range, maybe QJ+, 99+. I decide to bluff, fold equity here is going to be high and I want to know now if someone is sitting on the jack. Bet 50% pot.
V2: Call

Turn: :8H:
Pot: 20BB

V2, SB: Checks
Hero, UTG+1: I'm not understanding why they're checking and not raising. Do they have an Ax hand like mine, in which case I'm ahead? Either that or it's a monster slow play and I'm just handing them chips at will. I don't think the 8 is an issue based on the pre-flop raise. I think I'm ahead at this stage, bet 50% pot.
V2: Calls.

River: :6S:
Pot: 40BB

V2: Check
Hero: Check. I'm concerned I've missed something here.
I take the pot.

I'm really not sure about this hand at all. I feel like I made mistakes betting into this board texture. I wasn't sure how to interpret V2's checking at all. Should I have bet larger on the turn, thinking I was ahead? Should I have bet the river? Can anyone put them on a hand other than Ax? Would they be check/calling with a full house?


  • LeMonshadeLeMonshade Red Chipper Posts: 19 ✭✭
    edited April 2018
    Okay, I won't in future.

    Okay so we're saying that I was running a risky line here, which I agree with. First of all for context I'm not sure if, in the loyalty-based/low buy in tournaments I play in, someone who had flopped a full house would check call. I was using the C bet for information, is that an invalid play? With the board looking as it did, I would've expected some kind of small reraise from say 99+ to probe if I actually had a jack or not, what with the crazy probability of actually flopping 4 of a kind. I'm not sure if smaller pocket pairs other than 88 would continue to check call beyond the turn with such a strong board and out of position. Am I wrong there? That's what lead me to either they're slowplaying something or they have air like I do, but I think my air is better.

    If you were playing this hand, how would you play it?
  • AustinAustin Red Chipper Posts: 5,483 ✭✭✭✭✭
    People don't fold full houses and they are not going to fast play quads.

    This is a single raised pot so hands like AA-TT are not as likely. You have a few combos of 99 that might raise but probably not. Calling range preflop are going to have a lot of medium to high SCs and PP. You block some AK-AJ hands.

    "Betting for information" is not a good reason. You can bet as a bluff and barrel Trying to get 22-99 to fold as you have range advantage. Or you can bet for value as you think they will float with hands like 87s or KQo to try and make a full house.

    Your basically saying I'm gonna bet and im not sure why, just hoping someone raises me and takes the pot away so i don't have to show i am bluffing with ace high.

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