1/2 QQ Flop Decision

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1/2 Casino game.

Villain $185 UTG+2: Relatively tight player but not overly so. I would say fairly competent though his pre-flop raise was a bit odd to me.
Hero $325 Small Blind with :Qh:Qc

Villain $5/Call
Hero $20

FLOP $42 :J? :T? :8? (don't recall suits but it was a rainbow)

Hero: $35/???
Villain: $90

He raises to $90 but given stack sizes he really raised to $165.

I was a bit confused. At first I thought I must be up against :A? :A? or :J? :J? . But I wasn't positive. Could I be ahead here? I do have outs if I'm wrong, but is that enough?

1) What hands does Villain take this line with?
2) What is Hero's play?


  • Rello242Rello242 Red Chipper, Table Captain Posts: 595 ✭✭
    I'm guessing he raised to $5 and you 3bet to $20 and he called.
    I think everyone knows my opinion is based on my experience i get from playing online, but still here is my opinion:

    Flatting in position with AA and KK is something i give credit to really tough players since the average player just won't do this nearly enough, at best I'll say we won't discredit him having AA and KK here but lets assume only 25% of the time he will flat here.

    With that being said if he is a good reg that

    1. Have a good tight opening range UTG here.
    2. Continuing with a premium based range

    Then you are beating nothing here but a bluff in my opinion.
    Tied with: QQ
    Hands that beat you: TT, JJ, (25% AA & KK)
    Bluffs: AQ - AK

    Now im not sure how much history you have against him but in my experience in a 3bet pot against a reg that really isn't making much moves, you aren't going to see AQ or AK here.

    Your gutshot isn't much equity to continue especially facing a bet on the turn that may have you committed..

    I would just fold....

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  • Elgatonegro99Elgatonegro99 Red Chipper Posts: 30
    I agree, I can imagine a 1-2 player bluffing in this spot. If there was a flush draw posible I could envision a raise by a monster draw like KQs but I think you are staring at a set here a lot.

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