A Weird Final Table

bulletproof-92@outlook.com[email protected] Red Chipper Posts: 11 ✭✭
Hi guys. I'm a tournament player grinding fairly low-stakes games online at the moment. I was at a final table last night where the tactics of the whole table confused me and often threw me off.

It was a $22 8-max and we were rapidly approaching push/fold stage (the average stack was about 15BB by the time I got knocked out). Blinds started at 4k/8k and got up to 10k/20k, all with a 10:1 ante. Leading up to the final table, players entering the pot would either shove pre-flop or put in big raises that would commit players to the pot anyway. But when we reached the final table, all remaining players fell into a pattern of just min-raising. Sometimes another player 3-bet shoved and most of the time, the original raiser folded. I'd never seen it before and it threw me off. I usually revert to Nash shoving ranges when short-stacked and it works very well for me. But those ranges don't apply if there's prior action in the hand.

So I have two questions on my mind...

1 - What does this tactic achieve? My best guess is it allows you to steal the blinds without risking too much. But if that's the case, it gives the BB great odds to call with any two (4.2:1 on a full table) and it makes it too easy for an opponent to reshove and get a fold.

2 - How can I work out how this action affects my calling and shoving ranges?

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