flopped set with potential flush on board as small stack

r1chanr1chan Red Chipper Posts: 11
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2-5 game at my local casino. game just started, we're 4 hands in and hero has played in 3 of the 4 hands so far

Hero (200) - BTN - bought in for 180. small buy in would appear fishy
V1 (150) - UTG - seem fishy
V2 (500) - MP; young guy, prob a reg as he bought in for max
V3 (415) - Cutoff - young guy wearing sunglasses and hoodie. pro or wannabe pro

UTG limps, V2 in MP limps, Cutoff raises to 15, Hero calls with :Ad:Js , UTG calls, V2 calls


V3 leads out for 25. Hero calls and everyone else folds.

Turn: :Qh pot - 110

V: bet 65

Hero - ??


  • Elgatonegro99Elgatonegro99 Red Chipper Posts: 30
    I think calling here is best. His line is very consistent with a suited connector that made a flush, we can't fold our hand yet because it's way too strong and underrepresented.
    On the river I would make a decision depending on his sizing, speed of bet etc.
  • r1chanr1chan Red Chipper Posts: 11
    Thank you for the feedback. Any thoughts on my call for the flop, should this be a spot where I 3 bet? Two checks before raise to me on button after flop.
  • blasterblaster Red Chipper Posts: 89 ✭✭
    pot commit yourself on the flop when he leads out.
  • Elgatonegro99Elgatonegro99 Red Chipper Posts: 30
    3betting a young aggressive player preflop isn't bad but I prefer calling because of your position and limpers will have hands that you dominate.
    However, if you have a read that the young player will call preflop often and fold a lot of flops then by all means go ahead and Fire away.
  • tagliustaglius Red Chipper Posts: 290 ✭✭
    Raise flop. Nobody expects you to fastplay trips/TK, which is exactly why you fastplay it.

    Villain will go broke with all kinds of PPs here based on that faulty assumption (not to mention most other Jx).

    NOTE: I'm not saying this b/c the flush came on the next street.

    As for preflop, I'm more likely to fold pre unless I know villain pretty well. AJ as a non-aggressor gets me in trouble.
  • SullySully Red Chipper Posts: 779 ✭✭✭
    preflop: Raise. I hate AJ as a hand, so I absolutely never call and raise it on the BU almost 100% of the time

    as played: raise flop. villain might call which would be cool. if villain folds there is a good chance you bought his equity. Never a bad thing
  • Eager StudentEager Student Red Chipper Posts: 66

    AJo is in my calling range on the button against a raise from a loose aggressive cutoff (if your read on such a small sample is accurate). I expect a loose aggressive to make more betting mistakes than calling mistakes. I like to disguise my hand and hide information against a loose aggressive opponent in position.

    On the flop I am planning to commit my stack, but again I prefer to let the loose aggressive player keep the lead in betting. I would flat to continue the information hiding. Hopefully he will continue to be aggressive on the turn and river. A loose aggressive opponent can have a very wide range pre-flop, flop and on the turn. He could have a full or a flush. If so, I am probably giving him my stack. He can have many weak hands and bluffs too.

    On the turn I would flat again following my plan and plan to call it off on the river if he barrels again. If he checks the river I would value bet.

    Eager Student

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