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itsgoldenitsgolden Los Angeles, CARed Chipper Posts: 50 ✭✭
I'm wondering what poker podcasts others listen to and why. I'm interested more in strategy and tactics (especially for cash games, I primarily play 1/1, 1/2, 2/3 usually 100BB) than in those on things like poker news.

Currently I mainly listen to the Red Chip Poker podcasts. Love the episodes! I've listened to them all, most of them multiple times. I keep the episodes downloaded on my phone and listen on repeat on my commutes.

I used to listen on the stitcher app on my Android phone but just recently switched to the CastBox app since stitcher (like most apps from what I've seen) only allows you to listen to the last 100 episodes. CastBox let's me go back to every single one (currently 133).

I bookmarked a few poker podcasts. Just Hands Poker, Thinking Poker, and Weekly Poker Hand with Jonathan Little look promising.

One free podcast I recommended is the free episodes Cash Plays Poker Podcast podcast, these are oldies (2008) but goodies. I think these are great for live cash players. The more recent version of these podcasts are the (paid) Crush Live Poker podcasts.

What poker podcasts do others listen to? What do you like about them? What type of player might they be best suited for?


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