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Firekeepers Casino, 3am. 1-2 game allows $400 buy-ins and the game if fairly deep with a couple of short stacks, including a very short stack to my immediate right who has been giving away money with multiple $50 buy-ins (which is not a factor in this hand). I'm 4.5 hours into this all night session. Table is limp-cally, with very little three-bets pre flop. Good action post flop often. We are seven handed

Hero ($1,100, button): Tight aggressive. After losing a my $400 stack in the first hour, I've slowly chipped up to this nice position. In 4.5 hours, I've never open limped at this limpy table.

Villain ($380, MP): Loose passive pre-flop. Aggressive post flop. Villain is 3 to my right and has been at the table since the beginning. When we started he had a ~$700 stack, which dwindled to ~$400 when he lost it in a AA-KK suck out after three-bet over-shoving his ill-faited rockets. He reloaded two or three times since then with $400 buy-ins. He is playing ~60% of hands, often limps, sometimes open raises (only saw one, maybe 2 three-bets). He almost always calls a single raise. He often bets aggressively post flop, and often shows after his opponent folds when he has a hand (and doesn't presumable when he was bluffing). He does have an ability to get away from hands on scary boards. Ultimately, I'd describe him as a bad loose-agressive that is a good, but tricky mark.

Villain 2 ($600, MP, just right of main Villain): Plays a few too many hands, and is fairly straight forward.

On to the hand:

Pre: 4 limps to me (including V1 & V2) and I open $15 with AA. Two folds, V2 who calls, V1 3-bets to $100. I take some time to ensure I know approximate stack sizes, as $100 bills play here, and they are often hard to see. All three of us have bills on the table, they each have 1 and I have 5 (four of which are from V2 :cool:). I ultimately call here. Thoughts? I think a 4-bet looks too much like aces, and I thought I would almost always lose V1 and probably V2.

V1 folds :( and we go to the flop heads-up.

Flop: ~$215. Flop comes A22r. Villain checks and I check behind. Thoughts. Villains 3B pre looked like JJ+, AQ at its widest, and AA (1 combo) and AK (8 combos) feel good about this flop, I figure he would bet the flop or turn with these so waiting makes sense. The other possibilities check-fold this flop. Ultimately, I think slow-playing this boat is best. Thoughts?

Turn: $215. Turn comes AA2(Q). I don't recall if the Q brought a back-door flush draw (sorry). Villain checks.

Hero? If you bet, what's your sizing? Villain has $280 behind and Hero has him covered. If you check turn. What the plan for the river? What cards to you want and don't want and if Villain check again, what's your sizing on the river bet?


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    Well the first thing i want to point out is that villian cant have AA here if you have AA and an A is already on the board. I don't expect villian to have hardly any Ax in his range here which means the turn being a Q i love alot. The only action we will probably miss from is JJ.

    I'm betting about half pot, to make it look like i am trying to rep the Q but more importantly to get his KK and very small combos of AQ in there. Also KK would feel comfortable here in this spot making a call. If you ever convince him to make this half pot call on the turn that would leave him roughly over $100 in a $400+ pot where those hands are basically committed.

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