Folding 99 to a turn shove?

dnoyeBdnoyeB DetroitRed Chipper Posts: 284 ✭✭
I know I screwed this hand up. I'm jumping to 50NL after getting comfortable with 20NL on Global. I suspect I'm just getting my ass handed to me so I need some tips.

50NL 6max
Folds around
Hero ($66) Raise to $1.5 with :9H: :9D:
BB ($32) Calls $1.5

Flop ($3) :2S: :2D: :6D:
Hero bet ($1.75)
BB Raise ($5)
Hero call ($3.25)

I have a timid image I believe. Probably because I am entering the pots without big raises because so far people are coming in with AA and KK from EP with 3BB raises. I'm 3 betting very little and folding a lot because I am flopping air and people are betting at me. I got excuses...

Turn ($13) :2S: :2D: :6D: :TS:
Hero check
BB Raise ($7)
Hero Call ($7)

My plan is to call down. The T didn't make me happy.

River ($13) :2S: :2D: :6D: :TS: :JS:
Hero check
BB Shoves all in ($18.63)
Hero tanks and folds.

I wanted to call down but the 2 overcards gave me pause in the end. Chickened out. He really wanted to get the money in. He essentially played as if he had 66 or A2. My hand was good but its not all-in good. But if I let people push me off hands then every hand will become all in against me. This is what seems to be happening in 50NL. Loosing a lot to folds.


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  • YoshYosh Red Chipper Posts: 570 ✭✭✭
    edited April 2018
    Any thought to bet/3b on the flop? This seems too passive given how strong/vulnerable your hand is.
  • dnoyeBdnoyeB DetroitRed Chipper Posts: 284 ✭✭
    I do occasionally 3bet in this case. Not sure what to do if the call except fold. Does that sound about right? Or would you cbet the turn?
  • CubanBCubanB Red Chipper Posts: 104 ✭✭
    Seems fine to me.

    Tonight's bourbon may be blinding me, but do you specify your position in this hand? You say folds around, so I'm assuming either SB or BU/CO, but if BB is 3betting and you raised from an earlier position, I think it makes the fold all the more justifiable.
  • dnoyeBdnoyeB DetroitRed Chipper Posts: 284 ✭✭
  • Paul_KPaul_K DFWRed Chipper Posts: 291 ✭✭✭
    Possible you are giving him too much credit... seems unlikely that 66 or A2 raise this flop. It's blind v blind, you're likely on a steal and he could see this dry flop as a nice spot to raise your high cbet %.

    A flop 3bet is a nice option. Your hand is very strong at this point.

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