2 fun hands from the last session

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Two fun hands from my last session, V is a smart, thinking reg, with a solid grip on game fundamentals. He will thin value bet, he's not afraid to 3-bet light and bluff, ect. Kinda ABC is that he doesn't seem to get too out of line. Hero has been playing pretty ABC, probably opening the most at the table, V has 3-bet hero twice to which hero folded both, they played one 3-bet pot already, which hero won without showdown. Other 3-bet pots hero showed down KK and AQs (flatted). $1-3 hero $800, V covers.

Hero opens :AH: : :QS: to $15 in MP, one caller on BU, V 3-bets to $45 from the BB. V has been kind of attacking some of hero's opens, as some of hero's opens have shown down to be pretty wide. I've already folded to 2 3-bets, and I think he's a bit light, I put in a 4-bet to $110, planning on folding to a 5-bet, but I'm in position so I don't see the need to size up. BU folds, V calls.

Pot $ 245
Flop :JD: :QD: :KD: . V checks, hero checks his cards, and bets $75. I am 100% bluffing. I am trying to get AK to fold, AA to fold, 99-10 to fold. I will fold to a raise. I expect to be called by everything that isn't KK. Him raising anything else would be suicide, cause it sucks if he get's 3-bet jammed on and has to go with :AD: Ax, :AD: K, or JJ, QQ ect. He thinks for a bit and calls.

Pot $ 395
Turn :3D: . He checks again. Well....you know I was actually probably gonna bet the turn anyways, repping a diamond if it came, and if it didn't come, trying to get him to fold a diamond. Lol, this is where knowing math combos would help. But I don't. I just wanna fight for big pots. I bet $175. He pulls his cards closers and jams. I fake cry like I messed the hand up with KK and fold. We have a good repor, I say "come on man, show me the :AD: . Don't even lie". He shows :AD: :5D: . I'm kinda stunned he flatted it OOP. He said "I'm getting too good a price". I clearly don't understand 4-bet pots, we are 266 BB's deep. W.e

Hand 2
Same V, about 2 hours later hero sitting around $600, V still covers. Hero opens :KD: :QD: to $15 in EP, one caller, again V BB 3-bets to $50. I flat, other V folds.

Pot $115
Flop :QS: :9C: :4D: . V c-bets $70, I think for a bit and call. I'm not folding to a c-bet with this hand.

Pot $255
:TC: . V bets $160. Hero thinks for a bit. I haven't seen V really get too out of line, and while 99 MIGHT be in his 3-bet range, I think that he's more value oriented here with AK, QQ+. 10's are in his range, but they are also in mine. I think I actually have nut range advantage here, and while I was really hoping for a diamond turn, I'm actually brewing up a little something here. If he has AA or KK, or even AQ, I can put those hands in a really tough spot. And if I'm behind, hey, I can always hit a jack right?!?! :). I shove for $475~

Analysis- Hand 1 is correct thought process pre-flop, but I offered too sweet a price. Size up, and it's not a problem. Post flop is rather strange, as I'm 100% bluffing, but I'm caught between trying to rep the :AD: , and trying to rep a hand like QQ or KK. I chose to try to rep the :AD: with my flop sizing, but I once he flats, he has more AK, AQ type hands in his range, so once I see that I have the :AH: , I should just check the turn, as he is more likely to have the :AD: now than say, JJ, or AK. I dunno, hand 1 is just really misplayed on every street, and I can't even begin to try to dissect how to correct the mistakes, or what the major mistakes are, I just know they are there.

Hand 2- I liked how I played this hand a lot better. I think just bluff catching going call call call here is a mistake. I think by shoving the turn, ya I'll fold out his bluffs, but is he really gonna try to triple the river after I call the turn with bluffs? I think not. So this way, I fold out his bluffs, but also I attack his value portion that is beating mine with nut advantage. It's the only way I saw to win the hand, and IMO a ballsy play that puts AA, KK and AQ into a really tough spot as it just looks so strong, and few people at $1/3 would shove here without a set.


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    jeffnc wrote: »

    Pretty much.

    In both hands you are assuming people fold strong hands at low SPRs, which is highly questionable.
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    If you think villain is widely 3betting, why are you 4bet folding AQ.

    This is a legit strategy though against some ranges, right? Or are you saying if he's narrowly 3-betting then you can kind of bluff with AQ and fold if 5-bet?

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    If you think villain is widely 3betting, why are you 4bet folding AQ. Either call the 3bet or call off the five bet.

    I can understand why to call the 3-bet IP with a potentially dominating hand, but...I said I think. I assume this is my weak post flops skills talking, but I'd rather knock off his decent 3-bet squeeze hands like :JC: :TC: with the 4-bet than just flat the 3-bet and if he ramps up the aggression feel like I'm caught between guess if he has a stronger starting range, of it he somehow hit his weak range. I suppose if he was light, it would leave him with far too many weak hands, and I could just be willing to play for all the chips with a TP type of hands, yet also leave my range wide by flatting. That's beyond my scope of the game.

    I don't understand you call off the 5-bet hand. Semi aggressive or competent V or not, I don't think I've seen at 266 BB all-in preflop hand CALL...by AQs. I've seen it as a bluff (it was me), but not as a cold call expecting to win. I just don't think enough people have the heart a $1/3 and even $2/5.

    In both hands you are assuming people fold strong hands at low SPRs, which is highly questionable.
    Hand one is super garbage. Without exploring the post flop, it can fixed by bumping up the 4-bet size.

    I mean....I think the KQ hand isn't exactly a mandatory "welp I got aces lol how bad can it be spot", maybe in higher more aggressive stakes, but playing to the player pool mentality which I try to exploit and even portray myself as a part of since I am rather bluffy, I think this shove really is pretty weighted towards KJ and sets. I think people would just be happy to call with AQ, KQ and KK here as a 3-bet flattor.

    But yeah....I don't have a lot of luck with getting people off aces. I guess I snuck this one through (showed the Q and said "come on man you know there's another Q behind there).

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