Playing a Fishy Table

William MalloyWilliam Malloy Red Chipper Posts: 4 ✭✭
After reviewing SplitSuit's podcast and discussion 5 Tips for Beating Really Soft Games I went to the card room, and serendipitously got seated at a brand new $1/2 game. All the players but me and one dude to my right bought in for 50BB. You know what that means. I followed SplitSuit's instructions on tightening my range, betting larger, and value betting to a T. It played like a textbook example, with me folding only one hand to a river bet from an in-position player. My open raises kept getting progressively larger, from nine big blinds on up until at 12 BB the table stopped calling. After 90 minutes I had made 88BB, and I'd probably still be there now, but I had to go home and feed my dog. Thanks for another fantastic lesson, James!
-Billy in LV

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