Doug's WSOP funsies stake for sale

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I looked at my schedule for WSOP and am selling a small part of it, mostly for funsies for those that can not come out to see the circus.

I have about $5k in tournaments spread out over about 20 scheduled tournaments.

What you will get:

Photos of all entry slips before the beginning of the event.
(I will be entering some events 100% on my own also. Just so you know. No photo before, then it is mine only.)

Update sweat e-mail at least at the end of each tourney, maybe something at dinner breaks, etc.

The schedule is very much up to change, but will be a variety of NLHE and BigO events. If I get investors, more than likely I will just add a few bigger tourneys on to my currently expected schedule but your investment will be spread out across a large variety of events.

Taxes on any winnings will be withheld at 30%, or if the cage allows it we can give your information for your full share.

Each share is for $250 in tournament entries and for sale for $300.

Here is my Hendon:

(the two 2nd places last WSOP were actually three way chops)

Please e-mail me [email protected] to discuss your involvement.
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