Adam BAdam B Red Chipper Posts: 10 ✭✭
$200 Sit n Go (8 handed)
Lexington KY
BLINDS 100-200
10k starting stacks

My Reputation is TAG and Fully capable of mixing it up
(hadn't opened for awhile leading up to this moment)
Hero Stack 8800
Hero UTG+1 raises to 575 with :6s:9s

Hijack 7500
Hijack is a Skilled player and Fairly Solid (had just lost a sizable pot)
Seemed to be reeling a bit
Hijack 3 bets to 1375
I do believe at this moment that Hijack has a range consisting of premiums, a combination of broadway cards, middle pocket pairs, but not likely a similar hand as me.

SB is the DEFINITION of TAG and is Arrogant
I've played a lot with this player in a local home game that fills 4 tables weekly
Usually a very deliberate player
Stack 14000
Calls 1375 fairly quickly
Given his quick call I narrow his range to suited broadway cards, pairs 10s plus,

Big blind Folds

Hero decides to call the 800 more with great pot odds with a hand that has a ton of playability. I will be able to see the SB act first.

Pot now 4325

Flop is :7s:8s:Ks

SB leads out 1500
I was a bit puzzled by this bet. Hijack+1 had 3 bet preflop and had clearly "taken the lead" in the hand. Could I put him on AK with a spade? I assume he could have a set, but not likely.
I don't suppose I can fold here.
Hero decides to call 1500 and make decisions on the turn.

Hijack quickly shoves all-in for his remaining 6125

SB (much to my surprise) shoves all-in and has me covered

I am, at the very minimum against a bigger spade or a set. I still have a descent stack and like my chances against the table as a whole. I tank FOLD, and didn't like it. I realize that my hand was underrepresented but couldn't get around what SB would make this move with.

Results will be posted after some discussion. Go ahead, tear me apart RedChippers :)


  • AustinAustin Red Chipper Posts: 5,483 ✭✭✭✭✭
    1) just fold preflop from UTG+1 this is way too loose of an open, doesn't matter if stacks are even deeper. You have 44 bb and this is a simple Auto muck.

    2) HJ is a tag player, so lets assume he is 3 betting with TT+ AQ+.

    3) Sb same thing - what hands will he cold call with?

    You lose to like 2 combos of AsJs and AsQs and thats about it. They Might have some AsKx, AsAx, QsQx type hands that get it in.

    You are folding a flop flush with a SPR of 2.

    Preflop is pretty terrible to open it with. Now if the the blinds were say 250/500 and you were in the BB completing for 800 more then I would have no issue with it.

    What flop were you possibly hoping to hit besides a boat? If flop comes 923 you are folding to over pairs. Only flops you continue on are trips or boat?

    This is not a tough spot. Snap fold preflop and as played snap call flop.

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