Minneapolis poker?

Sean OSean O Red Chipper Posts: 298 ✭✭
I’m traveling through Minneapolis next month and might have a few hours to kill. How’s the action? Looks like it’s all spread limit, $100 max bet? Does that affect gameplay much? Which rooms are better than others? Thanks.


  • TheGameKatTheGameKat Posts: 2,016 -
    Players I know up there tend to play exclusively at Canterbury and Running Aces, but no info beyond that.
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  • MnpokerMnpoker Red Chipper Posts: 95 ✭✭
    Depends on what you like to play. If you like speed limit Omaha High then Running Aces is the place but it places crazy fast it is a $2-$100 game with $1-2 blinds but the players have about $5000 on the table and love to max bet for pressure. Canterbury is better for everything else and is a much better run room. They are about an hour apart so room hopping is rough. $2-$100 S-L plays much closer to a $2-5 NL game as far as raises go but not much max betting without nuts or very close to it. There is a $40-80 mixed game that is a really good but tough game. Most days have 2 daily tournaments that draw a lot of runners and are a fairly good group of players as a group.. if you want NLHE the closest is Turtle lake Wisconsin and Diamond Jims in Iowa both about an hour from downtown. Aces does run a few tournaments that I play but 90% of my time is at Canterbury. Canterbury has 2-4 3-6 3-6 H-K 4-8 6-12 8-16 10-20 20-40 and 40-80 Limit Holdem They offer O-8 6-12 and I think 10-20. 2-4 Stud. They also have cash tournaments that play with dollar for dollar chips that run for 2 hours and allow for reloads. After 2 hours you win whatever is infront of you. These are NLHE and are $300,$500,$1000 and more is wanted. Avoid any other rooms as the action is spotty at best
  • Sean OSean O Red Chipper Posts: 298 ✭✭
    Thanks! That’s a lot of limit poker...

    Spread limit Omaha sounds fascinating but I think it’ll be Canterbury, based on this recommendation and geography (flying into MSP and driving west).

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