TPTK. 450 effective wettish board

AustinAustin Red Chipper Posts: 5,483 ✭✭✭✭✭
Utg calls $3
Hero (450) raises to $12
Btn ($100) calls $12
Sb (300) calls $12
Bb main villain calls $12
Utg calls $12

I'm pretty new to the table, but BB got me all in on my first orbit where i made it $15 over a limper he min raised to 30, sb called 30, i 4bet AK to 150 and he shoved for like 270 with AA. Few hands later he opens 12 gets 1 caller mp i 3 bet jj to 50 and everyone folds. I have a aggro image first two-three orbits against him.

Flop ($60) :Qs:7d:6d
Sb check
Bb bets 10
Utg calls 10
Hero raises to 50
Btn folds
Sb folds
Bb calls 40 more
Utg calls 40 more

*some live tells of BB scratching his head, double checking his whole cards, pointing towards a draw or weak Q.

Turn ($210) :Ts
Bb bets $50
Utg folds
Hero raises to $175 ($200ish behind)
BB ask how much more, scratches his head etc and calls $125 more.
River ($560) :9s
Bb checks
Hero checks

On the turn he is calling $125 to win $435. Getting about the right price to call with a fd.

Effective stacks were a little weird.

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