Glover/Hull: Relative Position I, II and III

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We're all familiar with the concept and importance of position in poker, but something that is not as well understood is that there are two types of position: absolute and relative. In "Relative Position I" , Ross Glover and Doug Hull provide an introduction to relative position and explain its importance in optimizing our decisions in multiway pots.

Relative Position II and Relative Position III are also both live.

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    Lauren Red Chipper Posts: 10 ✭✭ 10:14AM
    just a shout out to Doug and Ross, very insightful and well done... lots of insights on a concept I had not previously thought about in any kind of organized way, great strategy discussion... thx
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    I blame ross' for all the content. I was just there to make him look good and tell funny stories. Well played, sir.
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