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Hello Everyone!

Before describing the training material being released by Red Chip Poker in June, I have a request. The WSOP in Vegas is now underway and this means many members of our team are traveling, playing in tournaments, and spending time away from their offices. While this has no direct impact on the release of our videos, it does mean it may take a little longer to respond to your questions or to fix issues if anything goes wrong. Please regard me as a first point of contact if you do have an issue. I can be reached by DM here at the forum or by e-mail: [email protected]

Related to this, you will have heard on the last episode that the podcast will be on break for the month of June. The good news is Zac and others will be generating podcast content here in Vegas, so there'll be lots of exciting material when the show returns in July.

We have a bumper crop of videos in June covering multiple poker variants and skills.

June 4: James Sweeney continues his marathon "Poker's 1%" series with "How About When You Get Raised?"

June 6: Chris "Fox" Wallace gives us the second part of his PLO primer on "Preflop Play." Topics include hand selection, which hands play well in different situations, and circumstances in which you should fold apparently strong hands preflop.

June 7: The final part of Ben Hayles' "3-Bet Shoving" tournament series features ranges from early and middle position and includes ICM considerations.

June 11: Tricia Cardner is back with "Playing Poker Like A Roman Emperor." I don't want to spill the beans too early on such an intriguing title, but I will say the emperor in question is Marcus Aurelius and not Caligula. Expect the usual high-quality mental-game content.

June 14: Adam Jones brings us "Exploitation Fundamentals." The title is self-explanatory, but to give you additional reasons to look forward to the video I give you this quote from Adam: “Exploitation is the most important tool in maximizing win-rate.” Enough said.

June 18: Physical tells specialist Zachary Elwood drops more insights on this element of the live game with: "Poker Tells: Eye Contact From Players Waiting To Act."

June 20: The third and final part of Greg Vail's series "Common O8 Mistakes And Misplays" completes Greg's description of where hold'em players often go horribly wrong when playing O8. As a side note, Greg's book "Scoop! Big O and PLO8: Winning High-Low Concepts for the Hold'em Mind" has just been published.

June 21: There's been quite a bit of forum discussion lately on how to maximize study time and Luke Haward's video "Upgrading Your Study Time," has loads of excellent advice.

June 25: Andrew Brokos completes the month with Part 3 of his "Bluffing Mistakes" series. Andrew suggests we could avoid many bluffing mistakes if we learn how to construct sensible bluffing ranges.

We'll also be adding to our ever-growing CORE curriculum in June.

New L3 material covers four of the elements in the CORE poker periodic table:
55-Pot Control
60-Double Barrel
23-Bet Sizing
4-Fold Equity

All these lessons come with specific hand examples.

And finally we'll add a couple of articles in June.

My $1/$2 series continues with "Betting Fashions at $1/$2 No-Limit Hold'em," and Eileen Sutton is back with a delightful piece titled "Dear Poker: It's not you, it's me."

As ever we encourage you to provide feedback on all our products. Requests for new material are most easily made through the Podcast Ideas Thread and Video Request Thread.

Oh oops and REALLY finally, don't forget the RCP meet-up at the Mirage, June 7th at noon.
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