2-100 SL AQo all the line checks

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2-100 Spread Limit game, 300 max buy in, i have effective stack w/ ~260-
Hero has :Ac:Qs in MP

Im not thrilled with my bet sizing throughout this hand but im not too sure that things would have really played out differently, so maybe my bad sizing saved me some money.

Straddle pot, UTG limps, guy on my right limps, I bet 14, BTN calls (main villain), SB calls, UTG calls.

BTN and UTG are nittyish regs, neither had gotten out of line up until this point, SB was a decent thinking player. Not thrilled with 3 callers, but hey lets see the flop.

Flop :Qd:Js:7s Pot ~56 (not counting for rake)

Checks to me, I bet 28 (boooo), BTN calls, everyone else folds

I was putting him in the ballpark of 77, QTo+, KTo+, AJo+, JJ+, A2s+, All the suited broadways.
In retrospect im not sure if my ranging was great for him here, after watching him play more i think i could give him a bit wider but not by too much more. In my head with how the table had been playing up till here I figured i would bet and take it, maybe having to deal with the SB for one more street, when the button called I was a bit surprised. I also think I should have sized up maybe closer to 36-40, but again, not sure that would have changed things.

Turn :Kd Pot ~112

I bet 50, he thinks for about 5 seconds then calls.

That turn card sucks about as bad as my bet sizing. Lately I've been noticing I make bets like this where im OOP and either the flop or turn smack the range I give the villain, which keeps putting me in dumpy spots. I think I should have probably just checked here and maybe called his bet depending on this size. I also hate my sizing here. Thinking back id rather aim for 70-80 but again, i dont think it would have changed anything.

River :5d pot ~212

I check, he bets max (100) pretty quickly, I fold.

I just can't come up with any bluffs he could have here, maybe AJ w/ the :As ?

Other than that I'm not sure what he could have here that im beating, I'm pretty sure my range for him from the start might have been off, but up till this point the guy hadnt gotten into any large pots with out a pretty good starting hand (had shown Aces, Kings, and maybe 2 or 3 different top pair types w/ 2 broadways which were medium sized pots if my memory is right)
I debated jamming what I had left but I don't think he's ever really folding, and unless was had the same hand i dont know what he could call with that we beat. This fold seemed weak to me still.

Also, in general at this card club, I don't feel like I see any of the old white guy regs making the max bet as a bluff, but that may be a bad generalization to make

Idk, this hand feels pretty standard, but the turn is where i made my biggest mistake. I think maybe Check/calling or Check/folding would be reasonable against this villain. betting feels like I was turning my hand into a bluff/semi bluff, and having about 1/3 my stack invested after that bet made me feel like the fold here could have been a bit bad.

Would love some feedback on this! I have no one IRL to talk hands with anymore so im going to try and be more active here (sorry in advance for the chunks of text)


  • AustinAustin Red Chipper Posts: 5,483 ✭✭✭✭✭
    I can't tell what the blinds are. Im guessing its a 1-2-4 (straddle)?

    Standard open here would be $15-$20 against two limps. I would iso around $25 at least 3x + 1bb (size of straddle) per limper. So minimum here would be $20.

    Flop half pot is ok, but $40 (2\3) is preferred on this texture.

    Turn gets a little dicey, but I think a thin value bet of half pot is ok given you can get value from fd, JT, QT, etc. On the river your getting 3:1 what are you afraid of? Give him a turn calling range and figure out if you beat 25% of it.


    QT, JT, lots of fd.

    What hands bet $100 river? JdTd, some frequency of KQ that didn't raise the turn. Slow played AT or T9.

    River is a must call. There are lots of A2s-A9s that missed.

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