Hand #10 XX on QJ3

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Hi guys,

Here's my analisis for the Hand #10 of the Workbook Vol1

$2/$5. MP1 looks very uncomfortable, as if he has not played much poker.
He is very willing to put money in with weak hands postflop.

My 3bet range here : AA-77,AKo-AQo,KQo,AKs-AJs,KQs
%Form 7.54 / Combos 100

When building your range consider which hands you would call with instead of 3betting. What is the strongest pocket pair you could just call with? 66
What is the weakest Broadwayhand you would 3bet with? KQo

Im a tight preflop player, this range could be wider, but I come from a live casino background where player call ATC from any position and stick around with any pair/draw, thats why I'm so solid preflop.

This player looks weak, so I'll try to isolate him with this 3bet, apart from getting value from the top of my range.

My Flop Range : AA-JJ,AQo,KQo,AQs,KQs

Given the texture, are you always going to continuation bet? No
Would you check or bet with:
Top Pair? Bet
Ace King? Check
Any Jack? Check

The Queen and the Jack hits a lot of the calling range here. Any Q and possibly any J would call a Cbet with Air, putting myself in trouble. I would bet only for value here, Top Pair+ basically.

My Turn Range : QQ-JJ
%Form 14.3 / Combos 6

Which hands would you check behind the turn with instead of double barreling? Would you check or bet with:
Top Pair? Bet
Middle Pairs? NIMR
Ace King? NIMR

This is where I'm probably to tight and predictable. but...I'm playing solid poker. My range here is only value and does not contain any bluffs. What do you guys think? Include which bluffs and more importantly why? If he's gonna call often due to his image. I'm a bit confused here...

I would only check this turn with QQ or JJ to trap my opponent.

My River range : NO RANGE

I would never take this line with any of my hands because I would raise all my range which only contains sets.

Glad to read any feedback guys,

Best of luck to all,

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