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I think the forum members just need to argue it out some..... @kagey and myself use to battle all the time. It helped me become the player and member I am today. In SOA they said, "Let the thearpy begin." Two "brothers" would punch each other lights out but it bonded them closer together.

I'm fine with it all as long as language is to a minimum and facts are being given. Nothing personal towards each other in terms of families, politics, and financials come into the argument.

Let the healing begin!


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    Thesis, antithesis, synthesis. Absolutely. Disagreement has the potential to lead to deeper understanding. That can be carried out without all the sniping.

    Here's an example. You may suspect someone is guilty of sophistry with the sole purpose of trying to make you look foolish. You may even be correct. But why not take the high road? Instead of "you can't read," maybe "I think you've misunderstood my point."

    I'm not expecting y'all to be choirboys and girls, but I genuinely believe we'll learn more if people resist the temptation to try and slay someone with a clever one-liner. Argue your corner as fiercely as you like, but please don't make it personal.
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    feel free to close the Big O thread as well...
    the poster is trying to figure out how many holes it takes to fill Albert Hall... a truly futile effort

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