In Zagreb anybody playing here these days?

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I am staying with relatives near the Sava not far from Jarun. Went to Inmusic festival ... very nice. Wondering about poker now. I have played previously at Westin, 2 years past, and at Hotel International, 4 years past. Both games mostly local regs. Not sure to even get a seat as only 8 players and one table going most times I showed up.

Anybody playing elsewhere are even these rooms in Zagreb nowadays?


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    Not there. But let me/us know if the games are good
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    I was able to play on Friday, June 29th at Casino Cezor at the Zagreb Westin. I won about $180 US. The game played in euro's. It was .5 / 1 blinds. They have straddle and allow re-straddle. There where two tables going from 9 pm until around 3 am. Then one table play until about 8 am. Here a full table is eight players and we did play a good deal of 4 handed play in the morning hours.

    Both tables were full of regs. I was the only 'tourist'. There where maybe a few other non-Croats in the games but, as they spoke fluent Croatian, I expect they were long term residents or students maybe.

    I enjoyed the game and will play again when in Zagreb but, I would not expect to ever pull many euros out of this game.
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    You mean, kinda tight game with small pots ?
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    Not exactly.

    They play like 1-2 regs think that 2-5 regs play.

    There were few donators, producers, fish, whatever you would like to call them. Some players were a bit loose, especially pre. But still hard to get anybody to make big mistakes.

    For instance at 3 am, a slightly tipsy gambler, seemed like he was losing too fast playing floor games, sets down. Making table 6 players. In a few hands all five players that were sitting were all obviously oriented to playing more hands with new guy. I usually see less awareness from 3 am tables at my regular US games. These guys might not be super good but, they play a lot and these stakes a little more dear to them than to me.
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    Looks like Switzerland - poor poker country, avoid it - where you have lots of regs more and less ok but almost collectively hunt any outsider (based on very few times I was in a Swiss casino).
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    Yeah, I don't go to Croatia for the poker. Its a great place to visit as a tourist. There may even be better action somewhere there. I go Zagreb every few years as I have relatives there. I stay awhile and naturally just have to try the poker action out.

    Its a well run game at the Westin and I did not think there was any collusion or angle shooting going on but, yeah, you feel you are the target when you are the only tourist in a room full of local regs. Expect that's way everywhere.

    Up above I meant to say they play like 1-2 recreation players think that 2-5 regular players play.
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    I think I'll go in Zagreb in 2019 for one weekend for 2 poker sessions (Friday-Sunday). If someone is interested, please write here or send me a PM.

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