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Hello everyone.

The poker summer in Vegas is about half way done and if you're in a part of the world that is as hot as here, you're likely best off staying indoors and enjoying our content.

We're trying something a little different in July, as you'll see from the PRO video listing below. Luke Haward's three-part series is being released consecutively rather than our usual practice of spacing such a series over several weeks. Please let us know what you think of this scheduling and if you prefer it to our traditional method.

July 2nd. Part 10 of Sweeney's series on Poker's 1% examines when we should raise and take the initiative away from our opponent. This was going to be the concluding part of the series, but as a bonus we'll be releasing a Q&A special on the material at the beginning of August.

July 5th. Chris "Fox" Wallace PLO primer wraps up with post-flop play. As Fox explains, this is where the money is made in PLO. He also gives some recommendations for further study to hone your PLO skills.

July 9th. Soto and James continue their review of Christian's WCOOP Main Event run.

July 12th/16th/19th. This is the new release concept described above. Over the course of these three videos, Luke Haward reviews a student's play in a tournament. The three parts cover the entire tournament in which Luke's student reaches the final table, so not only do you get great insights into tournament play, you also get to sweat Hero.

July 23rd. Greg Vail kicks off a new series in which he discusses transparency in Big O and PLO8. Greg explains what transparency is, how to spot it in your opponents, and how to use it to your advantage in taking alternative betting lines.

July 26th. Dr. Tricia Cardner kicks off a new series on mindset traps. Such cognitive, behavioral and emotional traps have negative impacts on all parts of life, but for poker players they reduce our performance and take us off our A-game. The specific topic of the first video is "rumination."

July 30th. The PRO video month concludes with Part 4 of Andrew Brokos' series on Bluffing Mistakes. In this video, Andrew focuses on developing clarity on which of our opponents hands we are trying to fold with our bluffs.

We have three free articles coming out in July. Two are part of my intro series to live $1/$2; the first discusses (delayed) continuation betting, while the second addresses hand reading and hero calls. We're also delighted to have another offering from poker author and grinder Eileen Sutton titled "Fold For Love."

Our CORE members will be getting five new lessons:

7/3. Level III. Jones. Facing A Flop Raise.

7/10. Level III. Jones. Facing A Turn Raise.

7/17. Level III. Jones. Facing A River Raise.

7/24. Level III. Hayles. Range vs Range Frequency Analysis.

7/31. Level III. Hayles. Aggression At Low SPRs.

First three are based on cash game hands, the last two tournament hands.
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