My "I suck at Poker" thread.

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Gday (yes I'm an Aussie)
I played a couple of million hands of limit holdem back in the 2005-7, pre kids era. Recently I've started playing 0.05/0.10 6max NL Zoom. without a HUD I'm trying to learn and consuming CORE. At the moment, I suck. I tilt a little, I payoff too often and I'm often confused.
I've decided to sit out and record by hand - "every pot over 30 BB, any bluffs after the flop and any hand I felt lost" - then post those session notes here - to keep myself accountable for doing dumb things.
I'll keep posting until I either get a lot better, go busto or run away hiding in shame.
Read, comment, laugh, ignore, whatever... this is for me.


  • Matt7Matt7 Red Chipper Posts: 4 ✭✭
    edited July 2018
    NB - bet units are cents.
    AQs CO open 30. Btn calls. 9J9 none of my suit. Cbet 47 into 75 Btn folds (good cbet??) Plus 37
    AKo BB. LJ limps 10. Btn raises 50. I raise to 150, Btn raises 300. I call?? 295r I ck, Btn bets 409 into 615. I fold??? Minus 300
    8d7d HJ 35. CO calls. 4sAh9s Cbet 54 into 85. 7h. ck ck. Qd ck Btn 60 into 193, I call??? CO shows Ad6d Minus 150
    99 CO. HJ opens 30, I call, Btn raises 140. HJ and I call. Pot 435. T26 2 spades (I have 1). ck, ck Btn 250, fold fold. Minus 140
    As3s LJ 40, HJ calls. 9s7hQd cbet 60 into 95. HJ folds (good cbet?) Plus 47
    7h7s SB. LJ 35, BTN (reg) calls, I call. 5cQh8h. ck ck ck. 6c I check? ck Btn 50 into 115. I CR 155. Btn calls. Qd. ck ck. Shows 9d9s. (check raise 1 card OESD?) Minus 200
    KJo HJ 35. BB calls. Qc9cQh Cbet 47 into 75 BB folds (good cbet?) Plus 37
    AcJh LJ 40. SB and BB call. Qs3cQd Cbet 76 into 120. SB fold, BB calls. 7c Barrel 129 into 272 BB folds (good barrel? holding Ac?) Plus 135
    AcQd LJ 40. CO and BB call. 6dKh2s. ck ck ck. Td BB 79 into 125. fold fold ?? bad fold?? Minus 40
    9c8c BTN. LJ 30, HJ calls, I call, SB calls. 6d9s5d. ck ck ck I bet 83 into 130. SB CR to 210. I call. Qs. SB 340 into 550. YTF do i call?. Qd SB 560 allin to 1230. Again YTF do I call??? SB shows 5h5s. Minus 900
    AsAc CO 30, BB calls. 8hJh7c Cbet 41 into 65. 7h. Cbet 93 into 147. 9d. BB donks 190 into 333. I call crying, BB shows JdTs rivered gutshot. Pot 713 Minus 350.
    TsTd LJ 30, I 3bet to 90 4sKh9c LJ ck. I bet 123 into 195. LJ CR to 246. WTF do I shove?? LJ shows AdKd Minus 1000.
    KhJh LJ 40. Btn raise to 120. 8dTdKs. I ck, Btn 80 into 255, call. 7s. Btn 327 into 415. I call. Qs ck ck. Btn shows AhKc Minus 500
    AsKs HJ. LJ 20, I 3bet 70, LJ 4bets 225. I call? 7h9s3s LJ 265 into 465. I fold?? Minus 225
    AsJs HJ. 35. Btn 100. Btn only has 200 behind so I shove 1000. Btn calls with KsQs. (hit J on turn) Plus 305.
    8c7c CO. LJ 10. I raise 50. SB and LJ call. 8dJh4c. ck ck I bet 101 into 160. SB calls. 4h. ck ck. Jd SB 193 into 362. I call. SB shows JdJs quads Minus 345.
    5d4d HJ. 35. Btn 120. (I see R/F on chart) and make it 330. Btn all in for 1000. I fold. Minus 330.
    AsKs LJ 40. HJ 135. call. 2c6h8h ck, HJ 285 into 285. I fold. Minus 135. (I think this is standard and I'm just whinging but I want to check ranges)
    8c7c BTN. HJ 30, I call. Kd6h9d . I bet 47 into 75. 3d. I bet 81 into 169. 2d. HJ bets 157 into 331. I fold. Minus 165.
    AsQh HJ 35. SB calls. 7c2sQc. I bet 51 into 80. 6s. I bet 115 into 182. Jd. ck ck. SB shows AcJh. Plus 200 (Should I have bet river?)
    Js9s SB 40. BB 110. 6c6sAs. ck ck. 6h. ck ck. 4s. (I have a flush which can only beat K high) BB 100 into 220. I call and he shows AcAh Minus 210
    QsTd BB. SB 30. Tc8d7h. SB 40 into 60, I call. 6d. SB hesitates then 80 into 140. I call. 2s. SB 100 into 300. I call, SB shows JsTs. Plus 240.
    7c5c Btn. HJ 25, CO calls, I call, BB calls. 3hKc5h. CO 50 into 105. I call. 9c. ck, I bet 98 into 205. Th. CO donks 381 into 401 (267 behind). I fold. Minus 175

    Session total -4164 :(
  • AustinAustin Red Chipper Posts: 5,483 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Why not get a hud?
  • Matt7Matt7 Red Chipper Posts: 4 ✭✭
    bc beating the game without a 'cheat' is the goal. beating 'the population' will be enough for me.
  • AustinAustin Red Chipper Posts: 5,483 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Beating the game as a handicap you mean? Most players have huds. Might be better off with SNGs without using a HUD or playing on a site like global or ignition.
  • AceFromSpaceKKAceFromSpaceKK Red Chipper Posts: 303 ✭✭✭
    Matt7 wrote: »
    bc beating the game without a 'cheat' is the goal. beating 'the population' will be enough for me.

    Using a HUD isn't 'cheating'.
  • Paul_KPaul_K DFWRed Chipper Posts: 333 ✭✭✭
    @Matt7 don't overlook the true value of a HUD... using it for the evaluation of your own play. Turn it off while you play if you like (but you won't). Would you play live with a blindfold and ignore all the live reads available to you?

    Oh... it also makes a nice little HH for you to post. You can get some rock solid feedback from these forum members and coaches... but not with that mess you have there.
  • BoilerAceBoilerAce Red Chipper Posts: 449 ✭✭✭
    Matt7 wrote: »
    bc beating the game without a 'cheat' is the goal. beating 'the population' will be enough for me.
    My thoughts are exactly the same. I figure if I can not use a HUD and beat the other players that are using a HUD and I'm much better off playing live. As someone noted above, using a HUD is not really cheating but it in my opinion creates a very different that I'd rather not play a lot of.

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