Facing a Donk Lead on the flop

Kurti RafailovKurti Rafailov Red Chipper Posts: 2 ✭✭
Home Game
0.10$/0/.20$Blinds 120 Effective BBs
Hero is on the CO with :Ah :Kd
Folds to me and i open to 0.60$
Button calls, Villain on the SB calls and BB also calls
4 ways to the flop (Pot is 2,40$)
The Flop comes :
:Kc :Qd :Tc
Villain leads out for 2,00$
BB folds and button folds his cards before i act, so we are practically Heads up

I call with top pair, top kicker,
but I'm not sure what his range consists of. Villain is a reg player, who definitely doesnt play too loose, Im thinking he would lead out with Two pairs or a hand with a Jack, which draws to the nuts. I dont think he has a set here, because he would have Re-raised me on the flop with KK, QQ or TT. He could also be semi-bluffing with a nut flush draw, but at this point I am very confused why he would lead instead of checking. I thought he could also have a weak King, which he tries to protect.

Heads up to the Turn ( Pot is 6,40$ )
Turn comes : :6h
Villain bets again for 4,00$
Hero calls again, because none of his bluffs improved and basically i still think I'm ahead of his range.
Pot is 14,40$
River comes : :8c
So the board completes : :Kc :Qd :Tc :6h :8c

Villain bets once again for 8,00$, which makes the pot 22,40$
So i get about 3:1 to call

So i excluded AJ from his range, because he is most likely going to trap with it on the flop, or wait for a check-raise.

I also dont think he would lead like that with a Nut flush draw for the same reason.
So i am thinking his range mostly consists of missed straight draws or weak Kings
I do decide to call and he shows :Kh :7h , so basically a weak King

However, my question is how can i construct a Donk lead range for my opponent on this flop and could i have done something different, for example raise on the flop, was this even a good call on the river or the turn? I ran the math for the range which i thought he would be on and i got +6 EV, but Im not sure if I am constructing his range properly.

Thank you for your attention and ill be happy to read your responses!


  • SplitSuitSplitSuit RCP Coach Posts: 4,011 -
    I think your overall construction idea is pretty solid Kurti!

    What I would suggest as a next-step is to plug V's proposed range into Flopzilla and see how your AK performs equity-wise on a variety of runouts. Then ask yourself "what would raising at any point in the hand do?" and "how many runouts am I folding on if V fires all 3 streets?"

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