Shove or Fold? Or Stop and Go?

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I see lots of info on open shove ranges from various positions as a short stack. However, here is a situation I find myself in on occasion. Recent MTT at Venetian Deepstack. Late in the day, still couple hundred players from the money and I'm severely short stacked. Most of table has plenty of chips and play at my table is very aggressive. Every hand is raised preflop and many reraised, so it is difficult to find a spot to shove with my short stack. Blinds are 1000/2000/300 and I start hand with 9800 and only have 7500 behind after posting my BB and ante. Folds to hijack who raises to 4500 and folds to me in BB and I have suited 10 8. Do most of you shove here? Seems to me the chance to play the hand heads up outweighs folding now and shoving a better starting hand later and possibly facing multiple opponents. I will admit during my thought process, I did not consider a stop and go here. After going over the hand in my mind later, this seemed like perhaps the best play here? Just call the original bet with the plan of shoving my last 5000 on any flop. Thinking villain may fold if he misses flop and because he is always calling the extra 5000 preflop with 5 cards to come and no more action.


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    T8s has about 38% equity against a 20% HJ range. Save your 4bb for another hand. Hands like QJs and KJo have 44-46% equity. I want to get as close to 50% as possible in these spots. At the very least above 40%.

    Back in the day I used this for push\fold in some HU turbos matches. With 4bb behind SAGE says you need a power index or 26 to call all in, which you have. 10x2+8+2 so you have 30pts. However, it also says this only works in heads up games. I think you can use this strategy and raise the index higher to build your own model for push \ call range.

    I would look at some mtt spots for what nash thinks the calling ranges are. Do some work and see what hands nash calls with and what those hands are in terms of power index.

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