Flopzilla Suit Selection

Shawn JShawn J Red Chipper Posts: 71 ✭✭
Hello All. I'm finally going through @SplitSuit Live Workbook and One Percent Series and Hand Reading Lab. I'm having difficulty with the suit selection process on Flopzilla. I've repeatedly watch the Suit Selection tutorial on the Flopzilla home page. I notice His preflop range combos doesn't change when filtering suits. When I try, identical situation that is shown, my preflop combo range DOES change. It's very annoying and making getting precise combos and percentages difficult. I'm only on Hand #6 right now, so hopefully you all could help with this feature so I can pick up steam next week. Thank You!!

Also, @SplitSuit in the One Percent Pure Edition, Video 4-Applying The 70 Percent Model, You built a nice Excel sheet breaking down the combos. You didn't make this available to us. Could you possible send me (us) a copy of it please and maybe some general instructions on how to use it and make it look pretty like you did? Thank You very much

You all have a great weekend. I'll be enjoying the 105+ degree weather here in Texas!! haha


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