Wsop Dailey deepstack deep run hand #1

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OK first off sorry if I'm posting to many hand review threads but I'm trying to see what I need work on and it seems I just need a better foundation. And this hand was a weird one I played it outside the box a little. First thing a little backstop on the villains of this hand so hopefully my reasoning doesn't seem to crazy. Villain 1 was very aggressive I had played with him for a few hours and it seemed like all he knew was how to shove and he was shoving fairly wide examp,e I seen him shove hands like 82o and 64o where he coolered both opponents making 2 pair. Villain 2 was very odd never seen anything like it he would call a shove with junk hand such as 74o I seen a 93o o he called as well but if it wasn't a shove he would call and fold approximately 75% of hands give or take that's my rough estimate even if he had connected the flop in some way. He folded face up a lot when he was heads up. I don't remember every exact details of this hand but I know the important parts.
OK here's the hand

Blind are 10k/20k with a bb ante so 20k
Folds to villain# 1 in MP+3 who shoves for 175k
I'm in the CO with about 700k and have :Jh:8h I flat
Villain #2 on the button with about 400k flats
Blinds fold

Pot is 575k Flop come :8s:2c:5d
I bet 225k
Now before I post results I will explain why I did everything I did.
With villain#1 shoving range so wide I think I'm ahead a large percentage of the time. I flatted instead of shoved because I wanted villain #2 to flat so I could bluff him off his hand post flop and get 175k more if I win. I was pretty sure that I was ahead of villain #1 but not so sure about villain #2 and if I just flat and he shoves or the blind shove I can still fold. Also important both blinds had about 500k and weren't very active both were pretty tight playes.
So let me know what you guys think before I post the results.


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