2-200 spread spot - How would you play this?

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2-200 spread game 9 handed.

I'm in the HJ with :Qh:Qd with about $300.

3 limpers to me and I make it $12 to go, pretty standard open raise at our table.

Button, who is a loose/fishy kid (mentioned he was still in college) with about $200 raises to $24.

BB - who is a very tight reg flats (about $300 effective)

3 other limpers fold, I decided to 4bet $70 total.

In my mind the Button could have anything from suited connectors and up, but he'd been raising premium pairs to about $30-$35 in multi-limped pots, so I wasn't banking on him showing up with AA or KK.

BB I put on 22+ including AJs+AQs . no AA, KK, or AK - he would've 4Bet himself.

Button Calls, BB folds.

1. What do we think of my PF betting here?

At this point, I'm ranging V on suited broadways, a lot of strong aces included in there, and 99-JJ.

Flop: :KH::2S::7H: ($170 pot)

Being out of position here sucks, the K hits a lot of what I thought he'd continue with for $70 Pre. If I C-bet for $60 here and get raised for his full $130 I'm calling $70 to win $360 - about 5:1 with potential for a backdoor flush, or to hit another Q, but likely be a pretty big underdog against KX .

2. How would you tackle this flop? Nothing I bet with here would get a weaker hand to continue IMO, but taking a passive line could give other draws a chance to come in. .
I check, button bets $30. weird sizing, I call. I think he bets more with a K in his hand, seemed like a weak buy attempt.

Turn brings :QS: I bet $100 to put him in - he could've picked up a straight draw, or be looking for a final :heart . He tanks for a minute and calls, river bricks and he turns over :AC::QC:


  • Ron HunnRon Hunn Red Chipper Posts: 7 ✭✭
    Hmm let me see. My thoughts here:

    First raise needs to be larger, $20-25, maybe more depending on pain threshold. With 3 limpers behind you, they are more than likely going to be inelastic, so purely for value.

    4 bet vs the min raise is appropriate. For isolation and value, as just min raising and having a loose depiction of the player leaves his range still quite wide (plus bet sizing tell). Not worried about BB.

    Personally, i would bet a tad bit larger, say $80, as my intention on the flop would be to shove most board (as the SPR is so low) and $120 into $190 seems more enticing to me. Any A, K, Q, and particular wet boards i wouldn't though.

    Its also a bit ludicrous to worry about draws coming in, especially on the flop. You have the Qh. AQh is out of the question. AJh or worse? Maybe. Does he get to this spot though with those hands? Its either weighted to unlikely depending on how loosey goosey he is, and with a combo each of these suited aces, not worth worrying about. Turn straight draws, J10, V unlikely, same as the AJ.

    I would check the flop and see how he reacts. The $30 bet gives you a ton of information. If you were very sure this was always a weak bet here, i could be on board to shove now.

    As played, getting to the turn, i guess a donk worked vs this not so great villain, but your hand is face up against a more capable hand reader. I would check to induce and not worry about obscure draws. Shove over turn bet/Shove river.

    Hope this helped ha.

  • AustinAustin Red Chipper Posts: 5,483 ✭✭✭✭✭
    having a "weak bet" on the flop being a 4 bet pot is pretty standard, although its usually a tad bigger and I wouldn't expect a "strong bet" from someone who is min 3 betting preflop.

    Also regarding $12 being the standard "open raise" sizing.... Is $12 the standard over 3 limpers? Are they open raising $12 with no limpers? Is this $1/$2? I would likely go to around $15-$18 here, but $10 would be my standard open of 5bb and then 1 bb per limper.

    After someone over calls a 4 bet is mandatory with a plan on calling all in based on effective stacks.

    Postflop I think check call is fine. You got a great turn card... I wouldn't lead the turn just because your scared of a draw. It is really easy to get stacks in on the river still still, so if he was bluffing let him finish bluffing rather than playing your hand face up. Would be a disaster if villain just folded on the turn, when he was planning on shoving.

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