Good aggression or just plain stupid?

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My style of play has gotten to the point where I play very nitty because it seems it's the best way to beat the 1/2 games. Just make hands and value bet to death and play ABC. Generally when I have tried to ramp up the aggression it hasn't worked out well. Anyways that's why I'm here! So in this hand I did step outside my comfort zone but not really sure it was all that great.

1/2 LIVE cash game...

This was a straddled pot to $5 and I had raised to $20 from the CO with :As:2s and picked up 3 callers..the button, the BB and the utg straddler. The flop came :Td:7s:4c and it checked to me. I used to C-BET all the time but quickly realized that c-betting into 3+ opponents is burning money however I guess it is board dependent. Anyways in this spot I checked as did the button. The turn brought the :2d and the bb leads for $20 into $74 and the straddler calls. Normally I would just fold in this spot but maybe it's a spot to raise this weak lead/call? Anyways I did neither and just called with some devious intentions. The button also called so now we have $154 in the pot and the river comes the :7c . The bb leads for $30 and the straddlers calls and I make it $130 just based again on the weakness of the sizing. It worked out as they all folded but is this just reckless?

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