1/2 straddle 4 hand at Casino International Bulgaria

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The player in the LJ is a regular. I've seen him play just a few hands with no showdown, but from his open and cbet sizing I'm assuming that he knows what he's doing. That being said I 3bet him last time when I was in the BB so I'm assuming he's going to call a little wider this time ?

Player in BU just your ordinary live recreational player, limping and calling raises with a high frequency.

So, after my 3bet ( I think I can go a little big) and both callers the SPR is roughly 1.3-ish so not much of a playabilty left. I decide to check the flop and if i need to make a cbet please give me reasons why.

On the turn with a higher SPR I'm betting everytime here, but because it's so low I don't want to get raised and fold, giving up my decent equity. I actually wanted for someone to bet after me so I can shove over them. Well, that didn't happened.

On the river my thought process is that if it goes check all the way again I'm always beat at showdown so I have to take a shot at it. Right? No? Am I a huge fish for betting here?

Looking back at it I think I really like the delayed cbet jamming on the turn. It puts a lot of preasure on my opponents and I think that the player in the LJ would of layed down his JT.

What do you guys think?


  • AustinAustin Red Chipper Posts: 5,483 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Decision point #1 what do you think of your sizing? 3.5x is pretty standard IP, but what about with a caller in between and oop?


    Ok, so you 3bet and got two callers. You face a pretty dry static board, you think a cbet is a bad idea? If you do cbet what size should you use?

    On the river after repping nothing on the flop and Turn you decide you have to bet now? Doesn't your line look a lot like AK (no pair)? Honestly I would likely snap you off any pair here. I would think for a second because of player behind me.

    1) I don't like the squeeze with KJo that much. Stacks are less than 100bb with the straddle, so you should be polarized and by the stickyness of the players should be more value oriented. Merged range may include a hand like KJs when stacks are deeper. KJo probably just fold preflop. If you were to 3bet I would make it 5x around $60 over a bet and a caller.

    2) you have Iniative and range advantage. Nothing wrong with cbetting small around 1\3rd and shoving turn when you improve or pick up equity. You can easily have JJ+ here, so have a plan postflop if your going to 3bet preflop.

    3) some times its nice to see a hand replay, but better to post HH as well. Even as just a screen shot like I did above. You get more replies. You can also include the link but posting HH would be #1.
  • RedRed Red Chipper Posts: 2,053 ✭✭✭✭
    I really dislike your preflop 3bet. KJo is a hand I use to bluff 3bet and I can see a raise here. Problem is: the reg should have a range strong enough to defend (open/call) pretty often. If BU is a fish (bad loose passive) player and close the action, he isn't going to fold often and going to call and see a flop.
    Hence I don't think you've enough preflop FE to justify the 3bet IMHO.

    If I wanted to bluff, I'd rather do it with AXs and PP, hands I can see myself shoving on (almost any) flop.

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