what shouls i do with Kk

yair gyair g Red Chipper Posts: 11 ✭✭
i was i Bucarest playing at 3$-3$ cash game (3$ small and big)

utg stradel
im utg +1 raise to 21$
villan who is on my left and he is an agressive reg calls. sb calls. bb calls

i have 650$
reg have 650$
sb have 150$
bb have 800$

should i bet larger? so i would play aggainst 1 instad of 3...

flop coms 3d/4c/8h

sb and bb checks
i bet 65$ to a 87$ pot. villan raise to 170$
sb folds bb folds
i raise to 350$
he shoves. i fell commited and call
he has set 4

i was lucky and hot the K at the turn but i am asking - should i not 3 bet the flop? shouls i just call or even fold?

Yair (from Israel)

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  • AustinAustin Red Chipper Posts: 5,483 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Accepted Answer
    Sb $3 - bb $3 + straddle 6
    Utg+1 Hero ($650) :KS: :KH: raise to $21
    Utg+2 ($650) calls
    Sb ($150) calls
    Bb ($800) calls
    Straddle folds?
    Flop ($90) :3d :4C: :8H:
    Hero ($629)bets $65
    Utg+2 ($629) raises to $170
    Blinds fold
    Hero raises to $350
    Utg+2 shoves
    Hero calls

    1) what range do you think villain raises with? You said he is an aggro reg, so
    A5s (3)
    65s (3)
    A2s (3)
    33 (3)
    44 (3)
    88 (3)

    By raising you basically say you have an over pair or 88..what othet hands would you 3bet?

    Villain doesn't rep much himself. Really depends on the bluff frequency. Do you think he bluffs with the hands above with 2 people behind? Are those hands in his utg+2 calling range?

    If he doesn't bluff in this spot then you could fold to the $170 raise as an exploit. If you think he raises with other hands like 99-QQ (24) then I think your ok.

    Player dependent spot.
  • RedRed Red Chipper Posts: 2,021 ✭✭✭✭
    Accepted Answer
    Agree with @Austin
    I think Villain should not raise on such a board. Too low, not enough bluffs (aka draws, esp. strong draws) considering he is a reg (=not terrible) and UTG+2 (=no/very few low SC and suited gappers). It stinks PP who go the set.
    I think Hero should never 3bet. Suicidal. Only a call if UTG+2 is very aggro and able to raise with gutshot type of hands (and overpairs, TP, etc.).

    Post-scriptum @yair g : you say Villain is a reg. But 3/3$ in Bucharest is huge considering the mean monthly salary being around 630$ and good salaries around 1'000$.
    From my experience in Prague (Czech Rep), such "local high" stakes would be played either by few locals, more often local pro (and few rich who aren't reg), and tourists who are "reg", but (bad) low stakes reg.
    Here this information, Villain being a local or a tourist, would help putting him on a range and having more clues about his poker skills.


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