bottom set facing a 3B when playing deep?[email protected] Red Chipper Posts: 6 ✭✭
I sat in UTG+2 and in UTG+1 is a regular (Relatively, he has a tighter image than me)

Live €1/2 game

UTG+1 (starting stack:€1k) opened to €6
I (starting stack:€850) called with :3h :3d
SB folded and BB called
Pot: €19

Flop: :3s :9s :Qc
BB checked
UTG+1 bet €15
I raised to €45
BB folded
UTG+1 3b to €150

How would you proceed from here? I feel it is a bit too deep to 4b shove and may not get called by anything apart from a higher set (If I shoved, would you even look to call with :As :Qs if you were in UTG+2, don't think it would be profitable for him to call as against a set, :As :Qs would only have 30% equity)
On the other hand, if I call his 3b on the flop and he shoved on any :Xs turn card, would you advise a fold on the turn?

Thank you all


  • AustinAustin Red Chipper Posts: 5,483 ✭✭✭✭✭

    If villain has this range your 62%


    If villain has this range your 52%. I only did AA and KK with a spade. Not sure if villain wants the backdoor equity with those hands or if he wants to unblock spades to make your range wider.

    At first I was trying to figure out if you can fold or not. This depends on villains postflop tendency. If he had AsQd or KsJs would he just call your raise or put in the 3bet? Also is $6 (3bb) normal sizing? Trying to figure out if we can eliminate any QQ from his range as well as Kk+.

    If I were playing against myself this would be a fold because hands like TP+FD I am just calling down once you raise to keep your bluffs in. Then I am 3 betting my sets and J10s and KJs. Maybe only 3 bet those like half the time, so like 1 combo total.

    Against my range of KJs, J10s, 99, QQ you are only 19% with bottom set. Really depends if villain goes crazy with TP+ FD or not.

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