Hand 7

Troy HTroy H Red Chipper Posts: 36 ✭✭
Preflop range: AA-JJ,AKo-AQo,AKs-AQs,A5s-A2s.
-5.4% of hands & 72 combos.
-Strongest pair I am calling - TT.
-Weakest broadway we 3b? AQo

Due to our stacks, and opponent tenancies I believe 3betting a polarized range here is best, leaving 22-TT to call and set-mine profitable, among other sc's we did not 3b.


We bet 75 into 115. Do we check or bet with:
Top pair + weak kicker? Yes, I will bet all As hands with weak kicker.
KK? No, I don't believe a Solid Tag will give 3 streets of action, so maybe he gives 1-2 with JJ-QQ.
Air? We don't have any air in this scenario. I am betting the weakest pair though, jacks, and continuing on spade turns.

Range: AA-JJ,AKo-AQo,AKs-AQs,A5s-A2s:a13b1a12b1a142:a3b1a3b1a3b1a4:a16:a16 (this is from Flopzilla's range copy and paste) The AQo and AKo I was only betting on the flop if the Ace was a spade.

-66.7% of previous range
-30 combos.


Would I continue betting with:
Top pair + Strong Kicker? Yes. I continue betting AQ's. I believe if a solid tag had AK preflop, he would "take a stand" and 4bet with AK.
Second pair? Yes, the Jacks I would have bet preflop just hit trips.
Air? There is no air anymore.

Range: A2-A5ss

-14% of previous range
-4 combos

I have a problem with the above as it doesn't seem balanced, but it is what I would do in real-time...I don't think that checking back AQ in that spot is profitable, but maybe I should check back AK, and let him continue with AQ on the river if he stabs..


He bets and we fold. We are only calling 1 combo here and that is A4ss. Thats 20% of the turn range.

I believe that we should include more of a checking back range on the turn and either include AQ or AK, but I am not sure which or why. I would argue to check the AK to keep his AQs in, or maybe he calls with AQo due to our image. Does this seem right?


  • AP07AP07 Red Chipper Posts: 24 ✭✭
    Preflop range: AA-JJ,AK, AQ, AJs A5s-A4s, KJo 97s
    6% 84 combos.

    Our range depends on solid tag. Assuming he isnt stepping out of line much we have to keep our value range pretty snug. But if he's the type to open even reasonably wide we can add more value combos to 3bet range (1010, KQs AJo). Given the table dynamic we'd love to give him a chance to spaz out. We will have bluffs in the range since no one has stood up to us yet we will keep applying pressure. I chose KJ off for blockers and 97s for playability plus a few wheel aces.


    46 combos 66%

    Sets (3), top pairs good kicker (27) OESD (4) air (12)

    We want to c bet often and keep up the pressure. Our image should help us get action. I would check back the wheel aces and KK - JJ. We hit an OESD which was a bonus as 97 was somewhat randomly selected but we'd be betting it either way along with KJ to continue repping AK+.


    25 combos 60%

    I would continue betting AK but check AQ as AK and AJ now beat me. KJ bluffs suddenly have some showdown value so easy check. I would check back my OESDs now as I dont have much fold equity.


    We have 12 combos of AQ which is 48% of our range to call so we dont have to showdown our KJ's which also has meta considerations. If we really think this guy is sick of us and over bluffing we can add some hero calls in but against this player type it's probably not neccessary.

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