Hand 8

Troy HTroy H Red Chipper Posts: 36 ✭✭
Terrible opponent and nit limp, we are in the small blind with eff. stacks at $785 for our target (Mr. Terrible). I am guessing that since Mr. Terrible limps and it says that he is loose, he is loose post-flop. We raise $40. Therefore I am completing with small pocket pairs, and raising hands like KJ and AT. We are also raising JTs to set up stacks if we hit 2p+.

Mr. Terrible is probably limping pretty wide, so I adopt a wider opening range:
77+, A2s+, KTs+, QTs+, 98s+, QJo+, KJo+, and ATo.
16%, 212 combos

Solid LAG in BB 3bets to $100 and Mr. Terrible and Nit fold, hero 4bets to $250

I believe V a Solid Lag, he will have some (not a lot because this is still 2/5) hands where he 3bets light, thus we will need a couple hands to 4b light with given the stacks. I will 4b AK, QQ, but fold TT. I will call JJ (this might be slightly nitty).

FLOP: :Ah:Td:7c
QQ+, AK, AQs.
62.5%, 30 combos.

I am more likely to check KK and TPTK (including AQ). We do not have air in this hand (KQo). Once again, maybe a little too nitty...

BB bets $200 and we call:
I am calling 100% of the range above. Not sure if I should be folding QQ or not.

TURN: :9d.
100% of range we are checking. The reasoning is because there is only 1 more bet left, and if we have a value hand, then we can get it in on the river if Villain checks turn. We balance with the hands we are going to give up with on the turn if he bets. If he bets and we are going with the hand, we shove.

Villain bets $400
We are going to continue with all TP+ hands by shoving and dumping anything else. I don't see why we would call and then donk lead turn with a strong hand.



  • AP07AP07 Red Chipper Posts: 24 ✭✭
    Preflop range: 10.5% 140 combos
    AA-77 AK-A10, KQ, KJs, QJs, J10s

    This spot is a mixed bag. We're happy to iso the fish and nit limped late pos so he's folding but we can just wait one hand for the button and we've got danger to our left. So I'd be looking to get involved but not too wide.

    As feared, we get 3 bet. I hate the $250 sizing as he's not often folding for that price so we need to be ready to play for stacks.

    4bet range: 48 combos 33%

    Given our opponent and position we are folding 46 combos at minimum. We can fold more due to our positional disadvantage but we're risking get run over.

    Our 4bets are AA KK QQ JJ AK AQs and KJs. All value except 4 combos of KJs which just doesnt work as a flat and has good blockers.

    FLOP: :Ah:Td:7c

    We are going to fire all AK AQ combos for value and continue bluffing with KJ. 45% of our range is JJ-KK and we are hating life but I dont think we're getting any value and never getting an ace to fold so we're gonna check and hang on for dear life. The good news is we have 3 combos of top set to put in our checking range in hopes he goes aggro.

    When he bets $200 we're pretty sick but I think we're just folding JJ and calling the rest. We could raise our sets but I prefer flat with this board and opponent.

    TURN: :9d.
    We're checking the whole range here.

    When villain bets $400, we have to fold QQ. KK is tough. We've shown a lot of weakness so we've induced enough bluffs from this player type that I think we'll have to call down.
  • PocketRocketsPocketRockets Red Chipper Posts: 12 ✭✭
    edited January 14
    Context : Because Mr. Terrible player is not so good and we have no reads that he is a tricky limper, that 8xbb raise has the objective of isolating this terrible player. I Would do it with a pretty wide range (26% form, 312 combos) because he is probably overcalling since he had to rebuy some chips. We can dominate him with Ax, Kx, some middle pocket pair too and suited connectors (JT, T9, etc. ). Stack to pot ratio will be around 8 so we have the implied odds we need to play these kinds of hand and make sure we have a good board coverage.

    Solid LAG in BB 3bets to $100 and Mr. Terrible and Nit fold, hero 4bets to $250.
    Here we never like being 3-bet after a big sizing iso raise. Villain on the BB is a lag so he also could be 3 betting bluff since he risks 95 to pick up 57$ of dead money he has to succeed 63% to break even. The LAG player type generally has the guts to do that kind of play and he could be trying to scare us because we will be out of position. Giving this sizing it could also be for value so we should not call to wide. Finally, we decide to 4-bet. Here I wouldn't do it as a bluff but rather for value with this range : AA-TT,AKs-AJs,KQs,AKo (4,37% form, 58 combos).

    FLOP: :Ah:Td:7c
    Because of the light 3-bet and the 4 bet call, villain can have a lot of Ax combos. KK is a pure check in my opinion but because of the blockers of AK, on this flop it's a bet (50% less likely to have aces or kings). We could get value from AQ, KK or maybe even queens.

    BB bets $200 and we call:
    Giving he gives us a good price I continue with all my range.

    TURN: :9d.
    On the turn I would maybe donk bet because of the weakness of his flop bet and maybe it could act as a block bet. I check other combos like (QQ, KK other Ax)

    Villain bets $400
    We need less than 25% equity to continue. If we have no blockers I think we could be against an ace or a TT set that is value-betting. So we are not folding our AK, AQ but folding QQ and KK too. Giving the low SPR on the turn we are raising TT sets trying to stack off our opponent on the river. Since we could be against TT set i would only call with AK and calling a jam on the river.
  • ShamanShaman Red Chipper Posts: 38 ✭✭
    Hand #8
    2/5 NL 150 - 200 bb deep.
    two limps including terrible in MP, Hero SB raises to $40 to isolate.
    Vil is terrible so we should in theory raise wider here, but being OOP and almost always getting a call from Terrible and a maybe overcall from NIT isnt a awesome spot. Additionally LAG in BB has a decent spot to bluff here knowing we would try to isolate terrible player wider than normal. Seems correct to also complete wider here than normal due to terrible player limping.
    So trying to balance these objectives:
    Hero isolate:
    AA-88. AK, AQ, AJ, ATs, KQ, JTs, T9s, 98s, 87s, 76s,
    130 / 1326 = 10%

    LAG 3 bet to $100. Hero 4 bet to $250

    Could be a good rebluff spot depending on reads but pot is going to be very bloated and we are OOP for rest of hand and we will be committed (or spewing). Thus mostly value hands here
    AA, KK, QQ, AK (34 combos) 26% of previous range.
    folding 18% (suited connectors)
    Calling $100 55% of time to see a flop (questionable?)

    FLOP :AH: :TD :7C
    Pot $510 SPR under 2. hero generally committed
    Hero check.,
    Seems correct to generally check to raiser in flow especially given pot size. If we have value hand money can still go in over 2 streets. betting KK and QQ seems silly also due to lack of fold equity?
    Hero checks 100%
    27 combos. AA, KK, QQ, AK

    Vil bets $200 Hero calls 200
    Simili ar thoughts here. Folding some feels correct so dropping QQ, calling KK is questionable but top of bluff catching range
    calling: 21/27 combos. AK, AA, KK

    Turn: :9D: Pot $910
    board: :AH::TD::7C::9D:
    turn doesnt change much. Vil has more equity with some connectors. But if we were ahead mostly we are still ahead. or way behind.
    Hero checks 100% AK, AA, KK

    Vil bets $400 Hero folds.

    Hero folds bluff catchers
    6/21 = 29%. calls AA, AK (15 combos) 71%

  • Chris_VChris_V BoiseRed Chipper Posts: 181 ✭✭
    Well when I got to the flop after 4 betting the LAG my range had them crushed so bad, and the SPR is so small, that my range never wants to check but does want to lead out small. Even after I give the LAG back some AA KK QQ and AK which I first thought they would 5 bet. What am I missing? Maybe I'm not allowing for the LAG to be over bluffing enough once we check to them on the flop?

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