Hand 9. First orbit in position.

Troy HTroy H Red Chipper Posts: 36 ✭✭
We raise from the CO to $25 with a $500 stack. Nit on the button, so we might as well have the button. SB has a terrible person, and BB has a weak Tag. Nice set up for a person like Hero who is willing to apply the pressure. In this situation we are raising 67s+, all PP, and all broadway hands except for KTo, QTo, and JTo. Also raising all suited aces.

19%, 254 combos.

Weak Tag in BB 3bets us to $80, we call:

Due to him being a weak TAG, I am more willing to play pots IP with him. I do not 4bet hands like QQ, 99, or AQo. I will stick to a more polarized approach as I do not believe the Weak TAG has any bluffs in his range.

25% of previous range; 62 combos.
TT-QQ, AQo+, ATs+.

FLOP: :Tc:6c:3c

Weak Tag cbets $100, we call. We are calling all flushdraws, sets, and over-pairs.
TT-QQ, AK, ATs+, (KQ, AJ, and AQs) (only ones with either FD or BDFD)
69% of previous range, 40 combos.

TURN: :3d

Opponent moves all in. We are getting 2-1 so have to be good 33% of the time. Hmm. Against QQ+ if we have a flush draw we are only 25%. I doubt V is going all in with a draw himself.

7.50% of previous range, 3 combos!!!


I feel as this is extremely low. I called turn with FD for implied odds when we make a hand and Villain shoves river (like I expect him to do 90% of the time after double barreling). Maybe I should fold all of our AKs on the flop, or eliminate them completely from our calling range preflop and just 4bet some/or all of them.

This hand has me stumped! Going to go back to this one!


  • Baby_SharkBaby_Shark Red Chipper Posts: 74 ✭✭
    Hey Troy,

    Check out this thread: https://forum.redchippoker.com/discussion/3854/hand-9-xx-on-t63#latest

    If you look there are already threads on all of the workbook hands, so you could post your analysis there to join the conversations.

    I have a few questions for you:

    1) you say you will be polarized in your 4bets because villain has no 3bet bluffs. How are you sure he never 3bets as a bluff?
    2) why be polarized against him if you are right and his range is merged / value-heavy?
    3) do you have a raising range on this flop? Do you raise or flat with your sets, combo draws, NFD etc?
    4) on the flop you discuss KQ but you didn't include it in your PF range.
  • Troy HTroy H Red Chipper Posts: 36 ✭✭
    From now on I'll find the threads that correlate with what I am posting, but I will answer the questions you posed to me now. Thanks.

    1) I believe Weak Tags, in the sense that I see them, do not have 3bet bluffs in their range. I do believe he will still lay down JJ to a 4bet though, hence my polarized 4 betting approach.

    2) Answered above. Player is weak tight and will fold some of that weak range. A player like that will allow me to run them over with aggression, or blow up with a hand like JJ then BOOM, we have it..or have an easy fold.

    3) I believe a weak tag is only continuing here with a value heavy range. Because of this I believe that checking 100% of our range is the right move.

    4)I apologize, I have a funny way of writing hands out. 76s+ would mean all suited connectors above 76, including KQ. I also mentioned all broadways hands except for KTo, QTo, and JTo. Broadway hands = the paint.

    Thank you for commenting!

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