Bitcoin/Crypto poker sites UK

JBPoyntonJBPoynton Derby. UKRed Chipper Posts: 41 ✭✭
Hello. Wondering if any uk players have used a good BTC poker room? It was spoken about on the RedChip podcast recently and sounded interesting and I actually have more available funds in crypto than actual money at the moment.

I searched around online and found a couple of places and they look fairly shady to be honest so would be great if anyone found a good one.



  • StangretStangret Kyiv, UkraineRed Chipper Posts: 5
    Personally, I chose 2 best sites with only poker and crypto payments.
    Here they are:
    1. Cryptopokerclub
    2. Swcpoker
    Other sites have very small number of players or doing something with cash so I choose these.

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