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Hey everyone! We have a really interesting bunch of additions to our PRO library this month covering a wide range of topics.

9/3. James Sweeney kicks things off with a Q&A session based on questions from forum members. The topic is information gathering. Why do we do it? How do we do it? And what do we do with it once we've done it?

9/6. Luke Haward continues his review of his deep run in a Powerfest $215. It took a second bullet early, but now Luke enters the middle game with a stack that can do serious damage.

9/10. Andrew Brokos delves into the subtleties of the check-raise/check sequence. Traditionally this line has rarely been seen from poker players with a pulse, but solvers seem to have an affinity for it. Find out why and how you can add the line to your arsenal.

9/12. Big bet Omaha-8 specialist Greg Vail brings us "You're Doing It Wrong!" Find out what you're doing wrong and how to do it right, and thus improve your O8 results.

9/13. Adam Jones is back with more deconstruction of GTO theory. In this episode Adam focuses on bet sizing and balance.

9/17. Poker tells expert Zach Elwood unleashes another one of his eye-opening videos on the topic, this time taking the lid off the meaning of immediate postflop calls.

9/20. Christian Soto begins another tournament review series featuring a $100 MTT he played on ACR.

9/24. In a follow-up to his overbetting video, Gareth James swoops in on another population error and discusses how to take advantage of it. Specifically he demonstrates how we can exploit opponents who bet too frequently and with sub-optimal sizing.

9/27. Fausto Valdez closes out the month with another $2/5 session review.
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