hand 16

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Hand 16

Preflop: I’m in MP1, with 8 BB, and I go all in with TT at a final table with 8 players. The MP2 folds, and the calling range of the big stack in the CO figures to be 9% (105) 88+,A9s+,ATo+,KJs+ This is a tight range due to the three players left to act.

The CO folds as does the BU. The SB is under the most pressure, having a bubble factor of 1.35, higher than anyone else at the table. Therefore SB is calling with a range of 5% (63) 99+,AQ+

SB folds

BB is the only one left and is under less ICM pressure than I am. His bubble factor is 1.2 and I see mine at 1.3. His calling range is 7% (91) 77+,AJ+

If I had had 12 BB to start with, instead of 8, and I shoved, the respective calling ranges would have looked like:

CO: 4% (45) TT+,AQs+,AKo

BU: 3% (40) JJ+,AK

SB: 4% (45) TT+,AQs+,AKo

BB: 4% (45) TT+,AQs+,AKo

The weakest pair I could shove and still have a +EV? In ICMIZER my shove range includes 66. In Flopzilla my range equity remains in the 64%+ for all pairs including 22.

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