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So @sozzie 's blog inspired me to start one. Haven't written one of these for a while but lets go.

Quick bit about me: I'm mid thirties in the UK, doing STEMy stuff in the aerospace industry. 2 kids, high stress job, limited time. I'm a rec player with ambitions of turning poker into a side income. I've been playing poker for about 3 years, beat 2NLz over ~100k hands, moved up a little. I'm a sucker for the poker economy, and over those three years I've bought quite a lot of books, video miniseries and software. But I'm lazy about using it, and one of the reasons for starting this blog is to guilt myself into better study and getting more volume in.

I mostly play cash poker - 5NLz, 10NL normal tables, £1/1 or £1/2 live. Some PLO/PLO8/mixed game stuff. I'd like to play live MTTs, but I suck at shortstack poker and struggle to find the time to practice it on weekday evenings.

Anyway lets break down the goals:-

Long term objectives:
Profitably playing 25 or 50NL online, £1/2 live, with a graph to prove it.
Make enough to pay for a good holiday without crippling BR.

Medium Term Goals
Get a regular home game running at .25/.25 or .25/50 to keep the live practice going within the bankroll I've allocated it.
Complete all my current study materials and seek more.
Get to playing 4 online tables without autopiloting.

September Goals
Get into healthier sleep patterns - target 7hrs+ 5 days a week or better
Get into the habit of blogging this stuff - post at least one hand per week here or in general forums
Complete CORE, excluding level 3 tournament stuff for now, and select next study target.
Play poker live or online 5 nights a week or better.

Todays kickoff session didnt go so well.


I'm not massively fussed, my biggest loss of the day was when an aggro rando jammed pre over my open and this time they had AA rather than 96o. My second biggest loss was getting an overpair in vs a gutshot that then hit. C'est la vie.

My third biggest loss might have been a misplayed turn. I'll post that here to ensure I hit my hand posting target this week.

IPoker, $0.05/$0.10 No Limit Hold'em Cash, 5 Players

SB: $10 (100 bb)
BB: $10 (100 bb)
MP: $3.64 (36.4 bb)
CO: $5.61 (56.1 bb)
Hero (BTN): $10 (100 bb)

Preflop: Hero is BTN with Aclub4.gif Adiamond4.gif
MP calls $0.10, CO calls $0.10, Hero raises to $0.50, 2 folds, MP calls $0.40, CO calls $0.40

Flop: ($1.65) Qspade4.gif Theart4.gif 3heart4.gif (3 players)
MP checks, CO checks, Hero bets $1.20, MP folds, CO calls $1.20

Turn: ($4.05) 9heart4.gif (2 players)
CO checks, Hero checks

River: ($4.05) 7club4.gif (2 players)
CO bets $2.02, Hero calls $2.02

MP is a definite fish. CO is suspected fish because shortstacking, but stats of 36/21/13 over <50 hands might not be awful over the longer term.

After CO calls my flop bet I have him ranged at flush draws, straight draws, QT, some sets especially 33, top pair, pocket pairs especially with a heart, Tx. I think he has suited and unsuited Qx and Tx which means these form a large part of his range.

I think, with that in mind, I should have been bet/folding the turn. Maybe size it down to 33-40%. A looser, fishier player can easily continue versus a bet there with any Qx and any one heart hand. If he kicks it back at me with a big raise I can probably just fold no problem, assuming he was playing an FD,KJ, T9 or something. Most people at my stake would rather call Ahx than try to semi bluff with it.

Having not bet turn, I think I pretty much have to call river. According to flopzilla if villain bets top pair or better I have 26% equity, and while he probably doesnt bluff much here I'm already (just) profitable. I reckon the times he doesnt better his weaker Qx are going to be roughly balanced by the times he tries to make a bit of money with a little bluff or thin value with the Tx.


  • Martin DMartin D Red Chipper Posts: 79 ✭✭
    edited September 2018
    Quick weekly update:-

    Last weeks stats
    Hours played online: 9 (10NL)
    Hours played live: 2 (Freeroll stuff, limited potential profit)
    Hours study: 3
    Hands posted on RCP forum: 1
    Play profit/loss: +$5.50
    Money spent on study materials: -$105

    Established the target was £5000 in the next 12 months, which may be ambitious given the amount of time I can put in and the fact that I can't even prove I'm profitable at 10NL right now.
    My losingest hand this week was a 10PLO hand where I vastly overplayed a set for 210bb. Have responded by stopping playing PLO for now due to being amazed by my idiocy.
    My second worst hand was AK oop in a cold 4b pot. I spent a lot of time in Flopzilla and GTO+ and chatting it out with some buddies on discord and I think I better understand what strategy I should be applying in these (exceedingly rare) spots now.
    The live play doesnt provide an hourly, I attend it ~fortnightly in the hope of getting into home games for proper money.
    I just added up the rake and rakeback between iPoker and pokerstars and concluded that the fishy players are the only reason to be playing ipoker rather than stars despite the better rakeback. Need to ensure that my table selection is on point on ipoker because if its not I might as well just play stars.

    Good things:
    I finished CORE ahead of schedule.
    I started 4 tabling again and am feeling happy with it where I was previously feeling
    Played 6 evenings out of 7.

    Bad things:
    I have hit my 7 hours sleep target 1 night out of 7. Admittedly the 18 month old kid may be somewhat to blame here, but saturday night I was up super late just fucking about on the internet.

    Target for this coming week.

    10 hours online
    Match or exceed the study time. Study target: start on that 1% course I just shelled out on.
    NO PLO. Especially no mixing PLO and NL on the same screen.
    Try to actually fkn sleep.
    Post more than one hand this week.

  • GGECKOGGECKO Washington, D.C.Red Chipper Posts: 111 ✭✭✭
    This is good stuff. A lot of people in the same boat here, as being working professionals and trying to enjoy poker as a side hustle.

    For me, I have shied away from putting a dollar amount for my BR as a goal. For me, I feel it works well to just work on plugging leaks and getting hands in. If I become $ focused it makes me more shortsighted and worried about individual sessions. Instead, I focus on playing my best poker and figure the result of playing well will be an increase in my BR. It's a small tweak but it can frame things a bit differently that helps me.
  • Martin DMartin D Red Chipper Posts: 79 ✭✭
    Quick Update: I've been ill, challenge was on hold for a week or two. Nothing life threatening, just needed a lot of extra sleep to make it through my day job.

    This week I'm giving myself a staged return, since I'm still not 100%. I want to hit 10 hours combined play and study time (excluding the weekly freeroll thingy since I'm not convinced that performs much of a function beyond poker networking).

    The one thing I "achieved" over those two weeks was get properly stuck into the Pokers 1% book. Its helping me understand some range construction issues I have while I've been a bit too ill to sit and watch a video. I'm going to try and use what I'm learning to drive some flopzilla based study over the next few weeks.

    @GGECKO The money sum is highly ambitious. To hit it I would need to make the jump to 25NL online very rapidly, and use that to drive live play, probably topping up BR with liferoll funds when I can demonstrate to myself that its a strong investment, while table selecting like a demon and maintaining discipline throughout. That or bink a few liveaments, but that has its own issues when I don't really understand 15-40BB play. I'm realistic about my chances but I like having a long range goal to shoot for.
  • No_LongerNo_Longer Red Chipper Posts: 275 ✭✭
    I think in the QT397 hand, despite you getting decent odds, are generally behind when he bets the river like this. Now of course you're getting great odds and sometimes you just need to call, lose, top off, but at that stake most people with a single pair (even top pair) are going to x/c since they have showdown value. When he bets here, I think he does it with at least two pair.
  • Martin DMartin D Red Chipper Posts: 79 ✭✭
    I think I disagree with you @Nathan S, because villain is a suspected fish who I believe could be overvaluing a top pair fairly often. Its pretty marginal though, and against a standard member of the field its definitely a fold for the reasons you offered.
  • Martin DMartin D Red Chipper Posts: 79 ✭✭
    Quick weekly update:-

    Last weeks stats
    Hours played online: 3.5 (10NL)
    Hours played live: 4 (tournament, see notes)
    Hours study: 3ish
    Hands posted on RCP forum: 1
    Play profit/loss: +$36.46(online) -£25 (live) Net ~+$4

    Good things:
    Hit my assigned target
    Did a range study on sunday (some of which was posted here) that was a very useful exercise.

    Bad Things:
    I was a bit too gambly in certain spots, eg. in one case I raised a turn multiway against 2 fish with a gutshot. I need to remind myself sometimes that fish like to call.

    Next Weeks Target:
    10 hours play time minimum
    Keep Doing Range Studies
    Time to knock out some of those 1% course videos and homeworks.

    Went to casino on saturday night with intention of playing cash £1/1, but table was playing about £1k deep and at least 3 of the players were somewhere between goodregs and pros. 2 more I didn't recognise but looked suspiciously reggy. Didnt seem like a game I wanted to play. Especially when I havent played live in a little while.

    The tournament however was bustling. Apparently they were hosting some kind of pub poker championship and a lot of that overspilled into the weekly £25 game. It looked soft so I entered looking for 1 of three outcomes:-

    1) I played well but busted early. Confidence booster for cash assuming the second table (which normally starts about 10pm) looked softer than the first.
    2) I played well and ran deep. Self Explanatory
    3) I played badly and busted whenever - go home.

    I ran semi deep but not near money, down to ~50 of ~150, and I felt I was playing too passively. Specifically letting myself get bled by not having a strong enough game on turns where we started with 30ishBB, I raised pre and cbet flop but wasnt confident getting stacks in. Also not taking full advantage of the abundant limping, and not taking enough player/hand notes. I did get some good wins (especially one hand versus a known aggrotard with a merged range where call call call was a simple way for a double up) but overall I wasn't playing my A game. Easy call to go home.
  • Martin DMartin D Red Chipper Posts: 79 ✭✭
    Quick weekly update:-

    Last weeks stats
    Hours played online: 2 (10NL)
    Hours played live: 0 (didnt even play the tuesday freeroll)
    Hours study: 6-7
    Hands posted on RCP forum: 1
    Play profit/loss: +$58.15(online)

    Good Things:
    That's some real rungood right there
    Did a few range studies, one of which was worth putting on the forum
    Found a massive leak in how I fold versus 3bets when in the button playing against regs. Hopefully fixed.

    Bad things
    Didnt finish much of the 1% video series because it kept sparking my brain, causing me to go off and do a bunch of work on a specific spot (which admittedly was useful in all cases)

    A lot of good things happened last week, but theres no way around the fact that I only spent 2 hours actually playing. In other words, I spent more time composing a response to Doug Hull on saturday night than I spent on the felt all week. Incidentally Doug if you happen to be reading this, I saw your reply on sunday night, I really appreciate the response and will put another comment in as soon as I can. Its just that Monday night is fight night and thats practically the only exercise I get all week.

    I did a little breakdown of what I spent my time on other than playing poker, and I'm going to let myself off monday, tuesday and wednesday nights (fight, wife ill, me ill respectively). Friday night I spent with my brother and that's kind of important, but the fact remains that I only played poker for two hours Thurs-Sunday nights and I should be able to fit 8+ hours in there. When I put it like that, even the fairly hefty amount of study I did does not save me.

    I think over the last few weeks I'm doing a lot better at what I do best - getting myself into spots where I can stack fishy people without bleeding chips to everyone else. I think I've also gone from bleeding chips to the top 10% of the local population to skimming chips back from all but maybe a couple I can name. Of course, all of this paragraph could be the rungood talking.

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