3b Pre ??

obliviusoblivius San FranciscoRed Chipper Posts: 70 ✭✭
6max 2nl
V in MP 128bb (22/17 over 220 hands, other stats look solid except a 86% F to PF 3b)
Hero in SB 100bb

V in MP opens 4x and hero flats in SB w/ :Ts :Tc
(this is the bottom of my flatting range btw and I was on the fence about a 3b, might get better value by just flatting) "still learning"
FLOP :Tc :Kd :2s (9bb)
- V bets 7bb . I check/call
TURN :Qc (23bb)
- V bets 15bb and I x/r to 41bb (48bb behind)
- V shoves and puts me all in (pot will be 201bb - rake)
I felt like he could do this with:
combos I beat (AA, AK, KQ, 22, KT 36combos) Assuming he jams TPTK plus
combos I lose to (KK, QQ, AJ, 22combos)
seems like a clear call with the above #'s
take out TPTK and it looks like a fold


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