Borderline fishy?

obliviusoblivius San FranciscoRed Chipper Posts: 70 ✭✭
10NL 6max full stacked
Hero in CO opens :Ad :Qc for 3bb
Villian in BU (27/21 over 700 hands & has a BU 3b vs steal of 13%)
V 3bets to 9bb
This is the third time V has 3b me IP and the last time we both folded to a BB squeeze.
I realize now that I probably should have put AQo in my 4b bluff range but I flat OOP
FLOP :Qh :Jc :7h (20bb)
I check/call his 8bb FCB
TURN :Qh :JC: :7h :6s (35bb)
I check/raise his 13bb TCB to 31bb and he shoves putting me all in.
I now have the choice to call my last 52bb into a 132bb pot for approx 28% pot odds
The small turn bet sizing made me think that he's capped. Would he do that with AA-QQ? maybe but I really thought that he had a polarized range. IF I give him all the overpairs, sets and bluffs [AA-JJ,AQ AhKh, AhJh, JhTh, 8h9h] I do not believe he'd play the sets and overpairs this way but anything's possible... With various weights applied to the sets and OP's I have more than enough equity to call. IF I give him 100% weight to all the sets and OP's then it's slightly -EV... I DID call (Riv was :Th ) and he showed KQo.... Then he lit me up in the chat box... Whadya ya'll think? I know that flatting pre was the wrong move but as played I'm ok with it


  • MrNiceMrNice Red Chipper Posts: 104 ✭✭
    Why should you 4 bet bluff with AQo? You can call profitabily or 4 bet for value dependent on what he calls. If he 3 bets hands like KQo on BU vs CU open you can 4 bet polarized if he folds out his lower end of his 3 bet range for value. 4 bet only with the strongest hands vs his range (AQs,AKs,AKo,99/TT+) if he calls or shoves vs. a 4 bet.
  • jfarrow13jfarrow13 Red Chipper Posts: 1,253 ✭✭✭✭
    Mix in some light 4-bets vs a aggressive BU steal range is fine, but so if flatting. Good flop play.
    Turn...I dunno about the C/r. I think I'd prefer to balance my C/r range with draws and 2-pair + sets. I think your got lucky that you ran into the bottom of his range here, and in my mistake him 4-bet shoving is a mistake. I think he should 4-bet shove with his draws and his nutted hands, or at least his over pairs for christs sake. Like....where is the calling range?!? As for you...your gonna have sets of Q, J, overpairs, strong draws, and maybe some sets of 7's. I still that I'm doing it wrong in that hands like this, I just generally go for a C/c, C/c, and then on the river I prob C/c again. I just don't see what hands I really get value from by raising, except...KQ, and AJ, and I don't think he should be calling my AI with those hands.

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