Flopped straight in tourney

Matthew FitzgeraldMatthew Fitzgerald Red Chipper Posts: 12 ✭✭
25 dollar tourney. Blinds are 75/150 Hero has 38k and started more tag but since doubling up has moved to lag for last 30 minutes and have only showed down winners.

Utg+3 K10 I raise to 450

Cut off, button and BB call. Pot is 1800 Flop is a dream 9JQ rainbow.

I'm thinking this flop has to have hit one of the 3 and I want to get 3 streets of value but want to bet small enough to entice multiple callers
I lead out 800 cut off folds button and BB call. Pot is 4200

Turn is 2s putting a back door spade draw on board. Now I'm thinking trying to isolate 1 but still want a caller so I bet half pot 2100 both players fold.

Should i have bet less on turn to look weak? Should I have tried to check raise?


  • TheGameKatTheGameKat Posts: 2,066 -
    Unless someone has bet-sizing tells, I've never really understood this idea that we can choose a certain sizing to look weak/strong/mediocre. It sort of implies that we can read our opponents' minds ahead of time and know how they will perceive our bet sizing. Given the haphazard way most people approach poker, I think all we can sensibly do is recognize that our bet is just that - a wager - and in making it we are offering odds on a proposition.

    So, here, yeah I think you can shade your turn bet smaller and hope to get action from both of them. If someone stumbles into backdoor spades, it's just not your day.
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