Hitting flush on the river on a paired board in 4bet pot

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I would like to hear your opinion about the following hand I played on 0.25$ 0.5$ Zoom. Effective Stacks are 140BBs.
Villain: 19/17 over 414 hands, 12.5% 3bet
Villain open raises to 1.50 from BTN.
-> Hero 3bets to 4.75 with :Jc :Tc
-> Villain 4bets to 10.92.

I decided to call since we were deeper, my hand has good playability, the odds I get offered are good and I assumed that villain might also some 4bet bluffs according to his high 3bet frequency.

Flop: :2d :8c :8s
Hero checks, villain bets 7.14$ into the 22.09$ pot.

I decided to call with my backdoor draws 2 overs and maybe getting the opportunity to bluff him off AK/AQ if he checks the turn. Is this too loose?

Turn: :Ac
Hero checks, villain checks behind

River: :Qc
Hero bets 18.18$ into the 36.37$ pot. Villain raises all-in for 52.64.

I am beaten by 6 combos of AA and QQ and Kc9c if villain plays it like that.
I thought of some hands that villain might have: AQ, smaller flush (65s etc.), slowlayed trips like T8s, 98s, 87s. (After thinking about the hand for a while, now I assume he would always bet the turn with trips)
So I decided that my hand is not a pure bluff catcher and I ended up calling, getting shown QQ.

Did I missplay the hand? Do you think, that players on this limit have no bluffing range in such a spot and we should exploitatively fold everything except the nuts?


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