Open ended on flop, call the C/R or 4-bet?

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This hand came last weekend during the HPT Event 1, a $400 multi-day rebuy at Golden Gates in Blackhawk.

The blinds are at 500/1K with a 1K Big Blind Ante, and I am one of the larger stacks at the table with about 90K.

Hero opens to 2,500 with :JD: :9D: from UTG + 2

Folds around to the Villain on the BB who calls, sitting with ~53K

No major reads on the villain outside of he seems to be a pretty solid player and hasn't gotten out of line in any major noticeable way.

Two way to the flop with 6,500 and the flop is :TC: :8C: x (I can't remember the third card precisely, but it was of a different suite and was 5 or below)

Villain checks, and I elect to C-Bet 3,500

Based on how the table had been going, I fully expected to take it down with a C-Bet and move on to the next hand, but the Villain instead check raises up to 10K.

At this point, I thought the villain might have been taking a stand against me, as I had been pretty successful building up my stack with preflop raises and C-Bets, but had also won several big pots as well that propelled me up to 90K. I didn't consider folding at that point, but wasn't sure whether to take the passive line and just call, hoping to hit my open ender, or whether to push back and 4-bet to remain in control of the hand.

I think for maybe 30 seconds but felt that just calling narrowed down my options to win, and I'd have to fold on the turn if I didn't hit my straight and villain fired again. I elected to 4-bet up to 18K

The villain then thinks for probably about 20-30 seconds himself, counts out his chips, says something to the effect of "Ok, let's go" and announces all in

Hero folds

  • Should I have just called the flop C/R instead of 4-betting?
  • When I do elect to 4-bet, is my sizing bad?

I feel like I put myself into a bad situation here and I'm curious if I did misplay the hand, or if this was just a situation that will happen when I run into the upper end of my opponents range.


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