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messi367messi367 Red Chipper Posts: 25 ✭✭
I started core a few weeks ago and I finished level 1. And at the end they said to learn one skill at a time until it becomes intuition, which really made sense to me. I was trying to remember everything at once and it was driving me nuts at the table. I understand the basics of the game but I really want to plug up some of the leaks in my game and make these new skills intuition. I started by practicing just position this weekend at the table (one of the early core lessons) and I think I have it down so I don't have to think about it as much.

But now I am starting Level 2 and I am still trying to master all of the basic skills from Level 1. I understand the material in Level 2 but I am not studying it thoroughly at the moment.
If I want to study correctly I need to spend some time on making some of the skills from Level 1 intuition and make sure I understand them fully.

Do you think I should stop working through Level 2 and just focus on Level 1 for now? What do other people taking CORE think and have learned through their experience with CORE so far???


  • messi367messi367 Red Chipper Posts: 25 ✭✭
    This wasn't meant exactly for this category but would still like some comments
  • JBPoyntonJBPoynton Derby. UKRed Chipper Posts: 41 ✭✭

    I’ve been doing Core for 6 weeks and still on level 1. I do a bit usually every two days ( the other day I do hand historys). I got to the preflop section of level one and decided to go back to the start of Core and do it all again because preflop is bringing together everything learnt so far and I wanted to make sure I was going to get the best out of the next section.

    For me I’m just working my way through logically which will cutting back if I feel I need to go back over something. The plan I think is to got back to the start once I’ve finished level 3 and reinforce everything again.

    I suppose just keep doing what you feel comfortable doing, no need to force yourself to do lvl two maths if the ideas in lvl one are still unclear. There’s no rush to complete the whole course.
  • messi367messi367 Red Chipper Posts: 25 ✭✭
    Ya I agree JB, they said to do a lesson everyday. But if you don't fully understand the material in level 2 then there's no need in rushing through it.
  • WickedWicked Red Chipper Posts: 61 ✭✭
    I took a ton of notes as I was going through it. It took me a while to understand some of the concepts. It seemed that as I continued through onto level two some of the other stuff started making sense. It’s a lot of info, and it’s going to take time to assimilate it. The best part is you can always go back and re read a section later. In level 3 it has a cool feature that references all the chapters that deal with the current lesson. Hang in there.
  • SplitSuitSplitSuit RCP Coach Posts: 4,082 -
    I think getting through Level 2 is important. Yes, take your time with the lessons and don't rush through them - but it's not unusual for a following lesson or two to answer questions and piece things together.

    That said, if you do like 4 lessons and find yourself utterly lost on all 4 of them...go back and redo them before moving on =)
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  • Robert PattonRobert Patton Red Chipper Posts: 16 ✭✭
    i found that going through level 2 has answered most of the questions that level 1 left me with. it takes it to another level and helps to apply it. postflop level 2 is an insane amount of info that really starts to tie everything together. if you're having issues on the quizzes then don't start level 2, but if you're doing well on the quizzes level 2 helps to apply it even more
  • GGECKOGGECKO Washington, D.C.Red Chipper Posts: 111 ✭✭✭
    First, I want to say I love CORE. I also just finished level one, but I am not moving on quite yet even though I feel like I have a good grasp of it. Ed Miller had an interesting statement in "The Course" when talking about profitable poker players. He basically stated that even though he has sold hundred of thousands of his books, not very many will make substantial money at poker(>100k). My firm belief is that many people read and understand the material at the time they study but don't ensure it has been completely absorbed into their brain. For instance...can most people rattle off their opening ranges when in EP? How about BU? Do they know the BE for a 2/3 pot bluff? What are the odds of completing a FD? Fully knowing the basics are key to moving further to the more advanced levels of CORE. (Flashcards are your best friend here) I don't plan on starting level 2 until I can rattle all these critical basics off like they are the alphabet. If CORE is the basic building blocks to a good foundation, I believe this is the way to study correctly.

    At the same time, in conjunction with CORE I am also hitting other material as well. Specifically, I am studying "The Course", Sweeney's Hand Reading Workbook, and Poker Plays You Can Use. I find that they support my game in very specific ways. The Course gives me specific skills to work on at the table in my sessions. (Pre-flop work, positional advantage, letting go bad hands, etc.) This gives me a lot of confidence as I actually play. I decided to get a jump on hand reading with @SplitSuit book, as I think this is one of the most difficult and valuable skills that can be learned. The hand reading "line of effort" is invaluable and I wanted to get a jump on it early in my poker education. Lastly, I am a firm believer that tactics are very valuable right off the bat for poker players, even if they don't have a firm strategy yet set in place. I have found this rings true in all endeavors, not just poker. If you have a handful of simple and effective tactics that can be brought to bear, be it in boxing, chess, or a military engagement, it can really put you in an advantageous position to win. For me, using the Poker Plays You Can Use book gives me some great tools at the poker table and the missions (in the book) are valuable as well.

    I think all these materials work in a synergistic way for me. CORE ties them altogether.

    As you can see from my choices of material, I also plan on putting all of the RCP founder's kids through college - which is my pleasure.

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